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12 Year Old Cat Peeing On Bed

piano plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and goes off key Coco Can you just stay with me, dad dad Sure, I’ll lay with you, but you have to go to sleep. Coco Okay. dad All right. Coco clears throat Good night, my love. Good night. exhales Coco Um. Can you tell me a story Um.I just read you three stories. I know. But maybe just a story you make up. Right, okay, but you have to go to sleep. I know. Okay. So once upon a time, in a far away land,.

There lived a mongoose. Can you tickle my arm Sure, okay. So this mongoose lived in a far away land. What was his name His name was Phil. Oh, okay. So Phil. Uh huh..left to go bowling behind his house, by the swamp. Everyday, his friend Steve would come over. Was he a snake What Was his friend like a snake Well, snakes and mongoosesmongeese Mongeese. No, it’s gooses. Anyways, they don’t traditionally get along very well. Right, okay, well, his name should be Snakie because he’s a snake.

Okay, who’s telling the story I just want to do their names. Fine, so Phil and Snakie went out bowling, just like they did everyday after school Oh, okay, can they live in a castle And then there’s a magic ball, like an inaudible. Well, he already lives in a house, behind a swamp. I know, but maybe he could just move or something. Or maybe he just has two houses. Are you going to sleep Yes. ‘Cause you’re talking an awful lot for someone who’s going to sleep.

Convos With My 4YearOld EPISODE 8 Bed Time PART 2

Right. So. Sorry. It’s okay. Okay, so Phil the Mongoose lived in a castle, a giant castle that he was locked in. He wanted to leave, but he couldn’t. He desperately longed for escape. And suddenly, one day, down in the Royal Bowling Alley, he came down, and his friend Snakie had just bowled a strike! And then after the ball returned, came a very different ball. It was a kind of ball that no one had ever seen before. Oh, can it have diamonds on it Thought you were going to sleep.

I know, but maybe it could just have purple diamonds on it. And pink diamonds. Do you just want to tell the story Okay, sure. So Phil, he found this ball. And it was magic ’cause it had powers and things. And he needed to escape. So he asked the ball, and the ball said, Well, just go like this. So he did! He crouched down, like this, and then he said the magic word, Abarinian! And then he jumped up really high. But, like, really high. No, not just like that high.

But like this high. And he flew over the wall. He flew up, way up, up! Up, up, and up, and up. Up, up.so up. And he was free. Snakie, oh yeah. Well, Snakie, he was hanging on to his leg. So they were together. That’s it. The end. dad snores gently Dad Hey. Dad laughter What’re you doing You’re supposed to be asleep! captioned by facebooksubtitle snoring Hey Yeah, man, I just told a great story. I know, I know, I was dreaming about it. It was really good.

I was flying and there was a magic ball. And the snake ate a ball No, the snake didn’t eat there was no snake eating the ball. Yeah, I know. I know that. There wasn’t a snake eating a ball. I didn’t say that. I said the snake I just heard you. He tried to eat it, but he couldn’t because it was a magic ball. The point is he flew over the wall and they were together. Are you still awake Yeah. You need to go to sleep. Okay, okay.

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