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12 Year Old Cat Peeing On Carpet

My name is Courtney, I’m 26. I’m From Ventura, California. I’m a veterinary practice manager and I have a clan of animals. Simon is a 4 year old orange tabby. For some reason, I had this pull towards him. I just had this connection with him. Super cuddly, slept on my shoulder every night. It’s almost like we chose each other! He didn’t start having any destructive behaviour until he hit 2, 2 and a half. Simon urinates mainly on my bed, sometimes I think maybe the litter box not being clean enough for him,.

Strange new people coming into the home, too many people in the house I took Simon to the Vet to make sure he had no medical issues going on. The doctor told me that everything checked out fine and he thought it was strictly behavioural. Putting him to sleep, that’s not an option for me. When I researched online about Simon’s issue I found a lot of information about Feliway, specifically. A lot of people used it for scratching, inappropriate urination, spraying A lot of people said that it helped so I thought I would buy a couple and give it a go.

It seemed like a fairly inexpensive solution to an expensive problem. When I first started using the diffuser I noticed Simon and the other two cats, they were all downstairs, rolling around on the carpet, playing with toys Simon was very cuddly and loving. He just seemed comfortable. My relationship with him was salvaged because I got to enjoy him again, the cuddly cat that he is. I feel like I don’t have to be nervous when Simon jumps on the bed anymore, that he’s got to have one of his incidents.

How Feliway Stopped Simon the Cat from Cat Spraying on the Bed

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