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Cat Pee Carpet Recipe

Hi, I’m Liz Cava from Fixed Nation and I’m here today on behalf of Expert Village to talk to you about feral cats. Will a feral cat pee in your car when you transport them to the vet Yes they probably will. In fact, it will probably wait all night in the trap and somehow they know when you put them into your car that this is a good time for payback. So they will release their bladder in your car. They are in the trap and the trap is lined with newspaper which may soak up some of it. What you should do is line your car.

With plastic and newspaper, doggie pee pads are also very valuable in this field and you know if they pee in your car that way at least your car is protected. The best cat trappers I know they just have all of these materials ready, their cars lined all the time because they are basically trapping and transporting all the time not a big deal just make sure your car is properly lined. Because if it gets hot and a tom cat pees in your car you will never never get that smell out.

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