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Cat Pee On Drywall

Gtgt RUBY So. I am out here today because apparently my uncle just dropped off this nasty, really gross toliet. Ahh! Here it is. That was never cleaned. And apparently it’s black from never being cleaned and Oh my Gosh, Kay. Look at this. Disgusting. Ugh. Look there’s even like poop in the tolietbowel. Or the, you know, I can even smell it. This is gross. The story behind this, this toliet that we’re looking at, is that, my uncle he lives in one of those houses where the basement, for people who live in california, or wherever it is where they don’t have basements,.

Basements are just, this is a normal house, this is the basement, I live in the basement of my house. Well, anyway, they lived in the basement and they rented it out it was like, an apartment, really nice, and everything else was in good condition, but the toliet and apparently, I was told that the toliet was black because it had never been cleaned and it was just irreplace like, so far damaged, that they couldn’t replace it. And this is it after it’s been cleaned, this is as much as scrubbing could do,.

That gtgt GRANDMA Is it as bad as we said it was gtgt RUBY Yeah it’s, pretty disgusting gtgt GRANDMA Are you taking a picture gtgt RUBY Yeah. Pretty disgusting. gtgt GRANDMA Ah, you just never know what Ruby’s gonna do next. gtgt RUBY Hehehe. Well. Wow there’s even like a piece of poop here. But. Anyway, the point is. That was my grandma who interrupted me. There are disgusting slobs, in this world, who are going to do this, this messed up shit to the toliet, see, they can’t even use this, they have to buy a new toliet because.

What happens if you dont clean your toliet.for six years

In the six years that that guy lived there, he never cleaned your toliet, and this is what happens. If you don’t clean your toliet for six years, and you shit and urinate in it, It turns like this. It looks like this. It’s disgusting, and this is why you shouldn’t not do it. Now I would show how this looks at day time so you could better see how it looks, But, Probably gonna be asleep when they haul it away cause, I sleep in pretty late, I stay up pretty late,.

It is.a bad habit that I’ve gotten into. It’s just, this, is just gross. And, Hmm. What other parts can I show you that’s gross Like see right there That, Is shit. All in there, shit. Mhm. Come around the front and see what other disgusting matters you can see. The tolietbowel isn’t really that bad. It’s just inside of it. Let’s see. The bottom. Oh yeah look at that. Look how bad this is. The paint is coming off. Been peeling out, The top, You can see, Gross. Very nasty.

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