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Cat Pee Resistant Carpet

Hello it’s RugloverMary and today I am going toshow you what you need to do you when you have renovations done in your home this is an Afghan rug came to us today for cleaning and as you can see there is a lot of sawdust on it there’s a lot of drywall dust in it there is also a lot of drywall mud in it the contractor told the client or homeowner that all they needed to do was just give it a good vacuum and everything would be fine.

By unfortunately as we all know drywall dust is very fine and you cannot even move this rug without a lot of dust coming through it so when you’re having a renovations done in your home roll up all your rugs cover up your furniture, put your valuables away just because the contractor seems professional and like he cares does not mean that people working for him will treat your stuff correctly you don’t want to come home after a hard days of work to find out that your house has been ruined.

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