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Cat Peed On Yarn

Hi, Guys and Welcome to Studio Knit. Today, we are going to knit a SOCCER BALL! GOAL!!! It is a fun toy for children, or even dogs! I just noticed that the leading knitting website Ravelry is featuring my colorful SOCCER BALL on their home page and blog and it is getting a lot of love. So, I thought it would be fun to share my process of knitting this plush toy with you. The materials we will use are 10 grams of Yarn, in any colors of your choice 2 Size 6 US knitting needles Scissors, a Tapestry Needle.

And about 8 ounces of fluffy stuffing! We will first create twenty individual HEXAGON KNIT SHAPES. Mine are white. And twelve PENTAGONS, which I made in various vibrant colors. This project really familiarizes you with how a SOCCER BALL is constructed. I never realized it is composed of both Hexagons and Pentagons. Oh, and if you are enjoying learning how to knit a SOCCER BALL, please hit LIKE. Let me know you would enjoy seeing more fun ideas like this! I learned how to make this KNIT SOCCER BALL from the great free pattern at YanaKnits.

I have the link to the complete pattern in the description below, including how to make the hexagon and pentagon shapes. I have created this graphic to help you see how to knit your shapes together. Ill include a link to download this graphic in the description below, too. Once all your knit shapes are ready, start knitting them together, following the chart. This ball is, of course, in 3D, so the shapes will connect together in a really cool way. Notice how you always have your Pentagon encircled with five Hexagons Keeping that in mind will.

How to Knit a SOCCER BALL Summer Knit Series

Help you as you get closer to wrapping the piece around to connect all of the sides together. Oh, if you would like to add a shaker, get creative! I took a plastic Easter Egg, filled it with dried brown rice, and taped it securely shut. Once we have knitted up all but the opening, it is time for the stuffing! Im placing my shaker into the middle of my soccer ball. Awesome, you have learned how to KNIT a SOCCER BALL! I really hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. And lets be friends on Ravelry. Ill include the link to my username below.

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