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Cat Peeing On Bean Bag

Laughing Welcome to the Gracie and Mommy Show! We got a bunch of Uggly doll things! We’ve got, yes! The Ugglys Pet Shop! You’ve heard of the Littlest Pet Shop. They’re cute. Eh, we don’t want cute. We want Ugglys! Yes! Also, I’d like to point out, there are no cats in this line, because cats are impossible to be ugly. Are you sure I think there’s probably cats. I don’t know. Are there Let’s look on the back of the box! So thank you so much to Moose Toys for sending us the Ugglys Pet Shop. Ahh! Aka the things.

Of my nightmares. We saw these at Toy Fair and they were like. they’re like so gross, but like. somehow you feel compelled to collect them all. And then there’s the element of collectible blind bags of. poop. And who doesn’t love that! Will you find surprise metallic poop inside I want metallic poop! I want metallic poop too! Man, I really hope we find metallic poop. Here, come stay for a while, join me! Ow, my finger just got crushed. Okay, that’s alright. Good parenting. I’m like, that’s okay, just.

A crushed finger! Alright, so we’ve got three different things going on here Gracie. What’s this one That’s like the house thing. This is the pet store. This is the Ugglys Pet Shop pet store. That thing’s gonna get closed down for health things. Yeah, it probably would not smell good if it were a real pet store. So this comes with a pet and the store itself, and it makes gross sounds. Like they just all have rabies, and the pets are gonna be put down. And this is the eight pack, the Ugglys Pet Shop eight pack, which comes with two surprise.

The Ugglys Pet Shop Gross Cute Funny Pets from Moose Toys

Pets inside. So there’s two blind pets, and then we also have the Ugglys Pet Shop blind cans, and they’re kind of like cans of dog food, which I think is really cool. So do you wanna open the blinds first, or do you wanna save these for last I wanna open the blinds first. Okay so we’re gonna open our doggy food cans of Okay, cause she wants to see if we’re gonna find any collectible poop. First we gotta get the plastic off ’em. So these should be showing up in stores like.

Laughing That’s gotta be replayed in slow motion. That was awesome! That was awesome. I bet that one’s gonna have poop in it. Notice how it like bounced off the light. Thank God it hit the light or it could still be like it would be behind the refrigerator or something! Wow, SoProfesh. Let me get the plastic off of this one for you. That was intense. laughing Okay, so here’s what it looks like. Here’s what it looks like after you throw it across the room. So it looks like this, but if you flung it across the room, the wrapper might.

Come off it. And then I guess the lid just comes off. Ooh, we got some things! Ooh, and we got Is that a hamster We got, oh wait, is there a checklist Cause we have to keep track of Here’s the checklist. What is in his mouth Is this a dog with brussel sprouts in his mouth Okay, let’s get the checklist going. So you got him, and wait, we lost one of your other pets. Where’d your other pet go Oh okay. So we got that one, and we got this one, who.

Doesn’t really look ugly, so much as a little demented and crazy. I think it’s a squirrel, alright, wait. I think this guy peed himself. You think he peed himself I think he’s is he throwing up Alright, let me find his name. Let me find his name. So there’s a checklist so you can get all kinds of ugliness. So many Ugglys pets. And uh, some of them are sticky. Neither one of these are sticky. Some of them are slimey. We’ve got slimiest, smelliest, hairiest. Oh my. Grossest he’s grossest, no but he’s the wrong color for grossest.

Um. stickiest. Oh, he’s cute! He’s cute. He smelled bad, but Oh sorry the light is really They don’t smell intentionally bad, they smell like They smell like plastic. Oh, the lights are too bright for the doggy. Oh, we got this guy again. We got him twice. And then there’s gross homes, and then limited editions. So wait we’ve gotten I see this guy on here, Junk Russell, but my Junk Russell on this picture is brown, and this is a grey Junk Russel, so I’m confused. I’m already confused. That guy doesn’t have an eye. Uh,.

This one’s got boogins runnin’ down his nose, and uh, he might be missing an eye, which is, you know, I had a cat that was missing an eye. And this one That one’s funny. This one’s awesome! He’s puking. And he has a princess crown. And she’s got a princess crown and she’s pukin’. Alright, so let me find their names. The I’m feeling like she might be grossest. I’m just thinking, cause she’s you know, puking and all. Um, where the heck is she This one has some kind of mental problem. Where the heck are any of these on this checklist People.

With MS should not try to do things on checklists, we’re very bad at it. Okay, so we’ve got this is this one, where’s the one with the thing in his mouth. Oh this one. This one is Stuffed Stuffy, but the one on the picture is brown, and this one is beige. And this one is Junk Russell, but the one on the picture is brown, and this one is grey, so maybe this is like Shopkins, like they come Oh wait, here it is! Junk Russell in grey. Found it. So maybe,.

Maybe stuffed oh wait, here you go. Stuffed Staffy, stuffed Staffy in beige. Okay good, good, so they do have them on the checklist. Oh, does this smell like something Uh, do they smell like something He just smells like paint. Yeah, I think they mean smelliest like this dog might smell a lot. This one the vomiting one where’s the vomiting one You would think the vomiting one would be okay we got two Harrold hamsters, or Horrid Hamsters. Where’s the vomit dog, man I want the vomit dog! Check ’em off on my.

List, cause I got a dog with vomit, like look! There’s vomit! The dog has vomited, okay! And it’s showing up kind of yellowey but it’s really very green. Um, I cannot find. It’s actually green guys. It’s actually green. As you know, I always have light issues, I still can’t profesh. Where’s the vomit dog Oh here we go. No, is that Is it No. I want the one with the crown. With the crown. Where’s the dog with the crown and the vomit He’s adorable. So did we open all three of our blind cans Yes. These blind cans are kinda cute. I kinda.

Like these. These cute, cute design. Alright, so next we’re gonna do, we’re gonna open up the pet shop, because I wanna, I wanna do my blind pets and collectible potential poo. There are 101 pets to collect, by the way. And as I said, these are from Moose Toys. They should be hitting the shelves very soon, and I will put links below if I can find them online for you. But they are at they should be at like Toys R Us, and um And here’s the roof. There’s the roof. Here’s this pet that we got. He’s funny, he’s got a funny.

show them the pet. He’s like, drooling very intensely. He’s seriously got a drool problem, but he’s got a little mustache. I find the mustache very amusing, but I can’t find his name, because You are checklist impaired. I’m just really M.S.’y lately. The M.S. is real, folks. I cannot find him. Okay, let’s keep on assembling this one. Okay, um this one is just a piece of plastic. Yeah, so no, these are the houses. So these all pile together here’s the rest of the house. Okay, alright. So this is the house.

Get this out. Alright. And then you put now the cool this is, is that sound effect You can buy like, you can buy sets where you can keep building on, like piling on to these. You put it on backwards. Did I put it on backwards You can keep adding on to the Ugglys and their houses and stuff, and then you’ll have all kinds of things that make noises. monkey sound effects This place is gonna get so done. Oh okay. Oh so the monkeys should go in here, because the monkey lives here, see, this is.

The monkey’s little house. Wait This is my house. Put the monkey in the house. The door opens too. Hey MTV, welcome to my crib! Here we go. The monkey in the house alright, the door opens. As you can see the door opens and closes. You can put pets on top of it, and then when you push down toy drops laughter You know, it’s a good thing Moose Toys really likes us, cause we are just such a hot mess! Excuse me, I need to go pick up the Pet Shop from the floor. So Gracie, why don’t you start.

Working on our eight pack over there while I pick our Pet Shop off the floor. I don’t know where the monkey went. I think the monkey died in the process! I think the monkey died in the flight leaving the table. Oh my gosh! RIP monkey. RIP monkey. RIPMonkey. So what I was trying to say before I was so rudely interrupted by somebody’s clumsiness, is you can keep stacking these I’m gonna go look for the monkey. Also you can buy the Ugglys Pet Shop Was that the door bell No, it was the house. You can also buy them.

In these little like square cases and then stack up all the cases too. I can’t find the monkey. We lost the monkey. RIP monkey. RIP monkey, I think he went under the fridge. They’ll find him when they start the remodeling. They’ll be like, what is with this monkey with the mustache and the drool I don’t even know what I’m putting my glasses on for. So this is the eight pack, so this is where we might get some collectible poop. I want Okay, but wait until we show them.

The pets that are in here first. I want the poop. Alright, so here you go. Oh, this one’s kinda sticky. Oh, I like him. This one’s really small and really squishy. That one’s really small and really squishy Alright, that might be sticky poop. Okay, this one’s crazy lookin’. I think that one has an issue. I think they’re all crazy looking, but I love it. I love it I love it I love it. And I’m gonna try to check them off my checklist. I found my brother! Oh look, they’re twinsies! The hamster and yeah, that’s Horrid Hamster in yellow, number.

042. Look at me. Look at me, I found a thing. And um, this one is a cutey. You’re not too ugly! You just have like a little bit of an eye thing going on, but I had many a cat, I had a cat named Noelle who was, who had one really destroyed eye because she had an infection that went untreated, so I had So this is Germy Shepherd. Oh how cute! Germy Shepherd. Ooh is there a black one Uh no, there’s a grey oh yes there is! There is.

A Germy Shepherd in black. That’s awesome, so that could be like Angel. And this one is we got a turtle. I love how there’s no cats, because it’s impossible for a cat to be ugly. Oh he’s a poor little turtle! He just looks sick. That turtle just looks like, ohhh, I can’t even. I think that turtle just needs something. I just can’t even. So we didn’t get so the limited editions are Chinese Crusted, Crude Cat yes, there is a cat Mugged Pug, Dredgehog, and Dirty Dalmatian. So we didn’t get those Okay,.

I’m gonna open this one, so it might be Oh, and there’s a legend. So I just realized that there is a legend. Okay, so Okay, so the colors, just like in Shopkins, tell you if it’s common, rare, ultra rare, or limited edition. So now I need to go back and see what color my bones were. I think all of my bones were blue, and the ones I was able to find. Okay, you’re opening our poo And the collectible poop we got is. Sticky! Oh. I’m takin’ a poop. Oh yeah. Look at that poop right there, that is some beautiful. Look.

At how beautifully they sculpted the poop. That poop is just sticky. Oh, we gotta leave this somewhere for Daddy, like on his desk or something. So that was a sticky poop, yes. I was really hoping for a metallic poop, but. but poop. But. But poop. Comment below if you get that. Um, did we get Repvile Is that what this guy is This is Repvile, that’s a common. Look at that, I’m finding things. I didn’t see this one. Oh, look at this little guy! Aw, this little guy is cute. Oh, who’d we get, who’d we get Oh this guy I think.

Is really squishy. He’s really squishy Is he like sticky Um. let me see. Oh, he’s very squishy! Oh, he’s super squishy and sticky. And he just needs he just needs a little antibiotic for that upper respiratory infection. While we’re trying to figure out what’s wrong with them! Really Mommy, really Gonna be a so that’s a sticky one. That’s a sticky one with boogers, and a big oh that is NotSoGreat Dane. And NotSoGreat Dane is an ultra rare! Yeah, so we got an ultra rare in a blind bag!.

So this is NotSoGreat Dane. Oh wait, is that huh Which Shih Tzu did we get We got one with some um. I think he ate some boogers. Maybe he’s just drooling greenness. Look at how cute she is! I think she just needs maybe some medication. So we’re diagnosing them all and we think they all just need to get some medication. So this is Smelly Shih Tzu, and this is an ultra rare. Yes! Thank you so much Moose Toys for sending these to us. They’re pretty gross, but. I don’t.

Know. They’re pretty gross, but like, that’s what makes them fun! We’re also gonna bring Frog Swan in, because she went to medical school. Frog Swan, yeah. Do you think Princess Steamroller could help out Yeah probably. Yeah, okay, so we’re gonna diagnose their issues on the next episode. So thank you again Moose Toys for sending us the Ugglys Pet Shop and the blind cat tin thing of food That we kept throwing everywhere That we flung, and um, the animal shelter that I also flung off the table. The Pet Shop, the Ugglys Pet.

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