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Cat Peeing On Bed Everyday

Image source Flickr abbamouse BY CHRISTIAN BRYANT A senior technical consultant at Dell took to the computer company’s online forum to clear the odorous air this week, after Dell consumers complained of their laptops smelling like litter boxes. Since June, consumers have been blowing up a Dell online forum saying the new Latitude 6430u Ultrabook smelled like cat pee. Probably not an issue computer buyers were ready to deal with. But Dell’s Steve B. emerged a hero Wednesday, saying the issue was caused by a manufacturing process that has now been changed.. Dell has determined that the smell is not at all.

Related to cat urine or any biological contaminate. Steve’s solution came after users dumped some pretty hilarious and downright disturbing complaints in a forum simply titled New 6430u smells awful I thought for sure one of my cats sprayed it, I want you to know that I killed our 1 year old cat thinking that it was peeing on my computer each night, and then there was, well, this. I mean, I’d be pretty upset, too, if I spent more than $1,000 on something that smelled like a feline urinal. Via New York Daily News.

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