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Cat Peeing On Bed Uti

What are the signs my cat has a UTI That can be challenging, since your cat isn’t going to come up and say, Hey, lady, it burns when I pee! If my cat could tell me that, we’d have much bigger problems than a UTI. One possible sign of a UTI is a cat with a fever, lethargy or changes in appetite. That could also indicate it has food poisoning or parasites. A cat with a UTI will be in the litter box trying to pee but has trouble doing so. It.

May be in the litter box three times as often but isn’t generating more mass. Oh, yuck. A reliable sign of a UTI is a cat whose urine is red from blood passing through. The litter box sand will be discolored, giving you a surer sign than trying to study the color of the grass where the dog peed. I’ve heard a sure sign was the smell of pee, but that could be a pet that isn’t properly trained. A cat that has been litter box trained but has started having a lot of accidents probably.

Has a UTI, especially if it isn’t a male going through a territorial phase. Isn’t excessive urination a sign of a urinary tract infection It can be. A pet that has lots of liquid passing through it may have a UTI, as the body tries to flush things out. All while it hurts. Poor thing. That’s why excessive water consumption for a cat is a sign of a UTI, especially if they don’t have bloody stools or a sign of a parasite in the gut. What else should I look for.

Signs My Cat Has a UTI

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