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Cat Peeing On Bed While I’m In It

July 10. I started a diary. My memories of the last 150 years are pretty clear, but what happened earlier is slipping away. Why not put it all on paper, might come in handy. I pinched the copybook from the Lady, hopefully, she won’t notice. July 11. Didn’t wash the dishes Say goodbye to your earrings. July 12. There was nothing to do. Me and the Cat were chasing each other around the house all night long. The Lady woke up, gave him a mighty kick and locked him in the pantry.

I got my own back on her by squeezing out the remaining toothpaste into the trash can. The Cat is upset and mad at me because he is always getting all the blame for things we do together. July 14. I whiled away the sleepless night by rattling the dishes and stamping my feet. The Lady pulled the blanket up over herself, hoping it would help her. She is so funny July 15. A big burly priest came with a censer, filling the home with the smell of incense. He assured the Lady that everything would be fine.

No way! No way you can smoke me out July 17 I tumbled off the closet and broke the vase. The Cat caught hell again and is giving me the silent treatment. He is just sitting there and throwing me reproachful looks. I feel sorry July 18 The Lady spent 1,5 hours vacuuming the place, while me and the Cat were crouching under the bed. Hellish monster! On the plus side, I made up with the Cat. July 21.I didn’t write for a while. After the Lady was done cleaning I spent three days searching around the house for the missing diary.


Nothing much happened. Some lame dude came to see her with a bouquet of flowers. I tried to get the Cat to pee in his shoes. He wouldn’t but eventually did, after I promised to get his toy from under the sofa. .


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