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Cat Peeing On Brand New Carpet

The great kick that sent your kids’ team to the finals also sent the tomato sauce and cola flying onto your carpet and couch. Go ahead and keep cheering. The BISSELL SpotClean portable deep cleaner can take care of the spills, spots and stains. Even if you don’t find them until the season is over. The BISSELL SpotClean uses water, formula and powerful suction to permanently remove spots and stains even the ones that have been around for a while. To get started, fill the removable..easygrip, flatbottomed tank with water.

.BISSELL 2X Spot Stain Formula and BISSELL Oxygen Boost, which boosts cleaning performance through permanent stain removal. The lightweight SpotClean comes with handheld cleaning attachments, such as the Deep Reach tool, which targets and removes deeply embedded spots and stains from carpets and rugs. Here’s how it works First, rubber needles inject water and BISSELL formula into your carpets to loosen the stain. Then, powerful suction lifts the stain away, leaving your carpets clean and refreshed. In addition to a Deep Reach tool, the BISSELL SpotClean also comes with a Tough Stain tool.

That attaches to reach spots and stains anywhere from carpet to stairs to upholstery and car interiors. The HeatWave Technology built into the SpotClean helps maintain the temperature of water and formula in the tank throughout the cleaning process. When you are done cleaning, the easygrip, flatbottomed dirty water tank is a cinch to remove, and empty at any sink. Next simply wind up the cord and hose. the compact design of the SpotClean makes it easy to stow in small spaces. Your home is a place for celebration. and with the help of the Bissell SpotClean, it.

SpotClean Portable Stain Remover

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