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Cat Peeing On Electrical Cords

So, they’re digging the hole! They’re gonna expand well, first of all they have to put the footings, but they’re also gonna expand the basement, so this hole that you’re looking at here, this is gonna be the new Mommy and Gracie Show studios, right where they’re about to dig. Very exciting. Let’s hope there’s no dinosaurs down there. The hole is getting deeper! Oh my goodness! Crazy man! Holy crazy. Wow. You guys asked for a studio tour, now let me point something out first of all. It looks.

Worse than usual, because as you might be able to see out the back window, there’s the backhoe, digging up my back yard. But I wanted to show you the ‘before’ Spatsy, you gonna help us give them a tour So um, the studio was my mom’s kitchen. My mom lived with us for over 10 years 12 years actually and because of the problems with her back and her walking issues, she couldn’t live with us anymore because we live in a split level house and everywhere you go there’s a flight of stairs, so she has an awesome new apartment.

Right down the hall from Nana, who’s Daddy’s mom, and uh, and they are like, they’re like sorority sisters. They crack us up. So um, and we miss her, but anyway, so but before she moved out she still wasn’t able to come down these stairs to use the kitchen anymore, so she said we could use the kitchen as a studio. So um, here’s the studio. So this, by the way, this is disgusting I’m not gonna show you the floor this is where the refrigerator was, up until last weekend, so we found somebody who needed a refrigerator and we gave them.

Mommy and Gracie Show Studio Tour and Construction Update

The fridge, and we found somebody who needed the stove, and we gave them the stove, and uh we’re trying to find people who maybe need some cabinets to give them the cabinets and stuff. Cause they’re all like 10 years old, so and then there’s, right now there’s an extension cord running out the window for the nice people who are working on our yard. And then, basically what goes on here in the studio and which I’m in a panic about, is I have to move everything out of the studio, and it has to go upstairs into my office.

There’s our 20inch Barbies that we still need to review, and Animal Hospital from ToyReviewTV that we need to review. That over there is a pile of My Little Pony boxes these Generation 1 boxes and stuff and then this is so this is the view that you guys usually have sort of. So it’s a table it’s a very tiny table that Daddy then raised up with wood. We’ve got the table desk thing it’s actually supposed to be like a hallway table from Ikea,.

But we thought it was the perfect size because it wasn’t too deep, because this room is so cramped. And so that’s our table. And there’s the purple wall, we will we redoing the purple wall in the new studio because we love the purple wall. And there’s all the stuff that you usually see behind us that’s on deck to be reviewed, and then over here is more stuff on these shelves I’ve already started cleaning them out of stuff that needs to be reviewed, but now these shelves need to move to the other side of the basement. There’s Shining.

Armor, there’s the stretchy haired Loopsy, we’ve got Elektrokidz to review. Here’s our Elektrokidz they usually hang out and bop with us while we’re doing stuff, and um, there’s our Ugglys Pet Shop. I’m gonna put that up in my office somewhere in one of my shelves because I think that thing is hysterical. There’s Toralei, she has to come upstairs and hang out with me in the office. So yeah, this is the exciting studio tour. There’s the bling baggage box o’ blind bags, and we haven’t done a blind baggage in weeks. It’s.

Just been very chaotic around here lately. Very chaotic. It’s gonna get more chaotic cause summer’s coming, and I gotta go have some treatments. They dug the big hole, so let’s go take a look at it. Oh my God. Wow. There’s the dig in the ground. No pictures, no pictures! No pictures, no pictures! He’s a wanted man. He’s wanted in many many countries. In many states. Wow, that is a big hole. So that’s gonna be our new studio. Told ya it’s gonna take a lot of dirt. Yeah! Well, that’s good,.

We can level off some of the back yard too, so it won’t pool up like, you know, like short grass, like it usually does. Cool! Wow. So while we were at Atlantic City Boardwalk, the contractors did more work. Okay, so there’s still stuff that has to be moved out of the studio, but we came home to this, and then this. Okay, so this is gonna be the opening into the new studio. We’re not sure what that is, except for a way for critters to get into the house right now. Um. yeah. That’s the.

Outside. Look at all the cobwebs! Oh my gosh. I’m so freaked out. Wow. Wow. So, there ya go. It’s quite. quite interesting. Quite interesting. So we have to move the stuff that’s on the other side of this tarp, like, now. Well, Daddy’ll get to that tonight, and Gracie and I will move the dolls. Wow. Just wow. This is my face. That’s the outside. Like right there. That’s. see See look. That’s outside. That’s the back yard! Look, my finger’s in my back yard! I’m very freaked out right.

Now! But. oh well! It’s gonna be like, stuff like this is gonna be going on for 4 months. They said 34 months, so I’m saying 4 months or more, is how long. I’m gonna live with things like coming home and finding my back yard right there on the other side. Look, my finger’s in the back yard! So freaky! So freaky! But it’s gonna be awesome when it’s done, right It’s gonna be awesome. We’ll have a big studio warming celebration, and it’ll just be awesome. It’s gonna be awesome! And this is gonna be the laundry room. So.

Like, we’re actually gonna have a laundry room. You’re like, well you don’t have a laundry room How do you do laundry. Do you wanna see the horror of how we do laundry right now See, you guys are always like ‘you’re so rich!’ let me show you where we do laundry. This horror show right here, is now where stuff from the studio got moved to, and now has to get moved upstairs, but this is the unfinished side of the basement. These are the cabinets, we’re giving them to someone rather than having them go into a dumpster.

But this is the horror of where our laundry is. This is it. And right over here, in this teeny tiny little corner of the basement, next to the sump pump, is where we do the laundry. Ew! Yuck. And there’s spiders. Bleh! All of the dolls. all the dolls, the curio cabinets. The Funkos. And the most fun part And the most fun part Getting Meowada downstairs. I’m still not sure how we’re gonna I’m not sure if we’re gonna have to keep her downstairs or not. I’m not sure, but yeah.

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