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How to Play Pokmon Go Tips Tricks Guide

Pokémon Go has been released and plenty of players are already enjoying it, including us. But the game doesn’t do a whole lot to teach you about its basics, mechanics, and other aspects. So we’re here to break it down and go over some tips so that you can enjoy your Pokémon Go experience right away or when it’s available. Pokémon Go is a free augmented reality mobile game on iOS and Android where the main goal is to catch Pokémon in your neighborhood. For now, only the Pokémon from Generation 1 are available to catch. However, what’s available for players to catch is dependent upon their location. While catching Pokémon is the main focus, there are other goals as.

Well, such as visiting Poké Stops and Gyms, strengthening and evolving your Pokémon, and hatching eggs. Pokémon can be found in a variety of places, as long as the Pokémon Go app is open. Pokémon will appear on the game’s GPS map and your phone will buzz to indicate when a new one is nearby. If you want to catch it, simply tap the Pokémon to initiate the capture phase. It is also possible to use the item Incense to temporarily increase the chances of a Pokémon appearing while walking, or alternatively, you can install a Lure Module at a Poké Stop by tapping the blank area above the landmark emblem. This will temporarily lure Pokémon.

To that Poké Stopand not just for you, but other Pokémon Trainers too! As for finding new Pokémon outside your immediate areawell, you’re going to have to get out there and explore! Aye, that’s a tough one! So as we’ve already mentioned, the types of Pokemon you can find change depending on the region. But if you’re looking for a specific Pokémon in your area, there is a “Nearby Pokémonâ€� icon in the bottomright corner of the map that will show up to nine Pokémon that are close, along with footstep symbols, which display how close you are to that Pokémon. Three steps means it’s within a kilometer, two steps a hundred.

Meters, one step means it’s within just ten meters, and no steps means you will encounter it soon. If you want to find a specific Pokémon, tap its icon to highlight it. This will change the Nearby Pokémon icon to that particular Pokémon and its footsteps, making it slightly easier to pinpoint as you roam around. The map will also show shaking grass at times which indicates a Pokémon should be around that area though it’s not always a guarantee. Unlike traditional Pokémon battles, you don’t actually fight the wild Pokemon in Go. Instead, you just throw Pokéballs until one actually hits the Pokemon and captures itbut it only.

Counts if it hits the Pokémon first before it touches the ground. Now during battle, a circle will appear around the Pokémon that comes in three colors; green, orange, and red, which respectively represent easy, medium, and hard catches. This dictates how likely a Pokémon is to break out of a Pokeballand if a more difficult Pokémon escapes several balls in a row, it might run away. Fortunately, there are several items that can help better the odds of a successful capture, such Great and Ultra Balls, as well as Razz Berries that can be fed to the Pokémon to make the next Pokéball thrown have a higher chance of capture. The colored circles serve another purpose though; it’s not just capturing the Pokemon.

That mattersbut how well you time the throw. So normally, each capture nets you 100 XP by default, though you’ll get a 500 XP bonus if it’s a new Pokemon. But you can increase that XP count even more the closer that colored circle is to the center of the stationary white one at the time of capture: So you’ll receive a “Niceâ€� bonus of 10 XP if it’s close, a “Greatâ€� bonus of 50 XP, if it’s even closer, and an “Excellentâ€� bonus of 100 XP if its dead center. And if that’s not enough, you can net another minor bonus of 10 XP if you catch the Pokemon with a curveballwhich you can do by shaking the Pokéball until it sparkles and then immediately flicking it. You can also double the XP you receive.

If a Lucky Egg item is used and in effect. Well, you can evolve them to start! Besides experience points, catching a Pokémon will always net the player 100 Stardust and 3 Candies for that specific Pokémon’s evolutionary chain. These items are required to make your Pokémon stronger, increase HP, and eventually evolve, both of which increase their Combat Power, or CP for short, and the higher the CP, the stronger the Pokémon. But there is a bit more to it, namely in relation to the Stardust. When you look at your Pokémon’s CP, you will see an arc that a white line is filling.

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