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Cat Urine Carpet Backing

Hi, I’m here today with best carpet value dot com your number one source for all your flooring needs Today I will be talking about water damage. With standard flooring and padding typically you will have some sort of subfloor damage once flooding occurs. So with the carpet backing tiles they have a rubber backing that’s going to prevent your subfloor from getting as damaged but if you’ve been at work and you come home and realize that you have a flood that’s occurred you’re going to have something that you can do to prevent your subfloor from being damaged.

Once the floor occurs you’ll want to vacuum up all the excess water to prevent the subfloor from getting damaged. vacuum sound vacuum sound vacuum sound vacuum sound Once you make sure that all the excess water has been removed, what you can do is you can peel up your carpet tiles and take them up so that they can dry. Once you have those removed you can also clean them with a bleach and water solution to prevent any mold and mildew from occurring inside your tiles. You’re also going to want to allow a few days for your.

Carpet tiles to dry completely as well as your subfloor. We’re back after a few days and allowing our carpet tiles and subfloor to dry completely. So once you make sure that it is completely dry, and your carpet tile is clean, we want to reapply our carpets tiles just as we did when we first apply first installed them. So we’ll use spray adhesive to apply in all four corners and in the center. Then we’re just going to replace it just as we did when we first installed it.

How to clean carpet after water damage

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