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Cat Urine Carpet Borax

Welcome to Cleanipedia. Always read the instructions before using a product. Remember to check fabric care labels or manufacturers guidelines and test a small area before using a product or natural solution. When cleaning mould, always wear protective goggles and a facemask to prevent the spores from damaging your health. Pull the carpet up from the floor approximately 50 cms around the affected area and leave to dry with a fan or dehumidifier. Once dry, take a stiff brush and sweep mould debris from the front and the back of the carpet.

Then vacuum all areas of the carpet, as well as the floor where the carpet was situated. Apply antimould spray to the carpet. Follow the instructions on the label. Scrub the carpet on both sides making sure the liquid soaks all the way through. Leave the carpet to dry. Most antimould treatment sprays should not be rinsed out but always check the label. Apply an antifungal solution to the floor where the carpet was situated and leave to dry out. Reapply the mould spray on all areas and let it dry out again.

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