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Cat Urine Carpet Subfloor

Today I’m reviewing this Simon UV pet urine detector flashlight. It is designed to highlight organic compounds found in urine stains by accentuating their specific spectral properties and making them visible to the naked eye in the absence of white light. It does this by means of these LED’s that emit a vero very narrow bandwidth of ultraviolet light. Like all Simon flashlights the case is of rugged anodized aluminum with a cage of three AAA batteries providing the power. Now the carpet you’re viewing does have some dried urine stains.

That don’t show up in ordinary light and even with the UV light on they don’t really show until the overhead lights are dimmed okay now the stains do show up although the tutorial camera can’t pick it up due to the concentrated bandwidth of ultraviolet light however a still camera can pick it up and I’ll switch to that now here you can clearly see a fairly large area uh with an off white color that shows where the staining has occurred. Anyway this little Simon UV pet urine detector flashlight.

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