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Cat Urine In Carpet Health Hazard

Let’s talk about health effects of litter boxes and cats. There are several things to think about when you are talking about litter and litter boxes with cats. One would be that there are some cats that are allergic to dust in litters and so there are dust free clumping types of litters and there are several types of synthetic litters on the market these days, and so if you have a cat that you think has an allergy toward litter that may be appropriate thing to use, talk with your veterinary clinic first. Now there are other aspects to think.

About when you are talking about health and cats and litter boxes. Litter boxes especially that are closed, make cats more comfortable it seems, you always want to have generally more cats boxes or litter boxes in the household than you do cats. If you have two cats three is going to be appropriate. Social and stress behaviors can occur when cats only have one box and you have five cats in an environment. The other thing too is there are there are health effects, especially pregnancy in humans, you know talk to your clinic and they can.

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