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Alligator Snapping Turtle vs Common Snapping Turtle

I’m Coyote Peterson, and today, we’re gonna show you the difference between the common snapping turtle, and the alligator snapping turtle. (drums) I often times question whether or not there is a predator in the wetland ecosystem that is more

perfectly designed thanthe snapping turtle. Try to imagine yourself as a fish out for a morning swim. And around each andevery lily pad you turn, there may be a set of bone crushing jaws waiting to meet you. Snapping turtles rule their food chain and the wetlands of America are their kingdom. There are two very distinct types of snapping turtles.

They have multiple specieswithin their respective genera. To keep it simple, we will talk generically about the commonsnapping turtle, which grows to an average weight of 30 pounds and is native to nearly the entire eastern half of the United States, parts of Mexico and Central America. Then there’s the larger alligator snapping turtle,

which averages close to 70 pounds. A threatened species, whose range has been reduced to the southeastern United States. These reptiles are truly ancient. And today we are lucky enough to have both of these species on hand, so we can give you an up close look at their distinct differences.

This is Adam Remedies, the true turtle man of Louisiana. And what we have for you guys here, are our two distinct dragons. Now as you guys know, I’m from Ohio. I’m used to catching this guy right here, the common snapping turtle Or as I refer to it, the mud dragon. Now what Adam’s used to workingwith is this guy right here.

What they’re referred to as Loggerheads, the alligator snapping turtle. So, you said this is about the average size of the common snapping turtles that you guys get down here right? Adam Yeah that’s about average size. Coyote Now for me, this is a small common snapping turtle.

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