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Cats Peeing In Weird Places

People Stuck In Strange Places

Today’s stories give new depth to the phrase, quot;sticky situation.quot; Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! A few weeks ago, we did an episode on the weirdest things found in toilets, one of which was a dude stuck in a PortoPotty. I guess you would have to say the whole thing’s called quot;vandalism of SpotaPot.quot; (laughs) That got us thinking: where else have people been stuck?.

Sure, we’ve all been stuck in a bathroom or the trunk of a car, or. if you’re R. Kelly, a closet. Okay? But you would be absolutely amazed at the places that people have gotten themselves stuck! And we’re gonna go through some of our favorites! I got a good one. April of last year, in Lincoln, Nebraska, a mother reported that her threeyearold son was missing. So, the police show up at her house, where she was, and she says, quot;I think he might have just slipped out the front door, which was unlocked, while I was in the.

bathroom.quot; He’s an independent little boy. Well, about that same time, the police also get a phone call from Madsen’s Bowling Alley and Billiards Bar across the street. And the report is that, in the arcade, there is an unusually large prize in the claw machine, that looks remarkably like a threeyearold boy. Inside of the claw machine! Huh! Dude went out the front door. He’s industrious! walked across the street, and didn’t just start playing the game, he became the game.

I thought you were gonna say he went bowling, but no, he went up No! He went into the claw machine. And if you don’t believe me, there were people there ’cause he was in there for a while just snapping pictures of him! I mean, look at this picture! There he is, inside of it, inspecting each one. He’s like, quot;Hm. Claw couldn’t’ve gotten this one. Hm. What about this one? I think I’ll take this one.quot; He’s inside the machine, dude! And he doesn’t seem panicked at all. He’s like, quot;Y’all know what’s up, I got in the claw machine! Y’all know y’all wish.

y’all was me!quot; So the cops come, and two hours and $500 later, they still haven’t gotten him out because as we all know. Yeah. A claw can’t pick up an outdated iPod box! (gruffly) Gimme another quarter, Bill! How’s it supposed to get the 3yearold? It keeps grabbin’ onto his forehead and just slippin’ right off! It’s just like Oh, it’s got his arm! It’s got his arm! It’s got it’s oh, crap, he dropped again. He keeps falling. It’s just taunting you, man.

It really took ’em two hours?! No, I made that up. And $500. That was the joke. Yeah, the quarter. I know where the math comes from. They probably just took the glath glath (mocking) They took the glath off. They took the glath sheath off and grabbed him. Get this. They got him out. He was totally fine. He was allowed to keep (snaps) one toy after all that. Oh, come on. He should at least get a handful. All right, congratulations to that kid. This is a little sadder of a story.

Okay. This is a. Brazilian inmate Rafael Valadao tried to escape prison, Link. You know, he was in prison, he wanted to be out. Of course he did. Shawshank Redemption style, he tunneled a hole in the wall in his cell! No word on whether or not there was a poster of Rita Hayworth covering it. (fake chuckles) Shawshank fans. (chuckles) That’s not even a joke. It’s just like a taunt that you know something no one cares about Shawshank Redemption. Everybody who watched that movie knows about that poster, man!.

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