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Cleaning Cat Pee From Car Seat

piano plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and goes off key car engine hums I have to go to the bathroom. dad You have to go to the bathroom Coco Yeah. dad Can you hold it Mmm, no. No, I have to go. Okay. dad Okay. Okay, don’t.touch anything. Coco But I just want to touch that! dad No! Don’t touch that. This No, no. Don’t touch anything. sighs I don’t have to go. What You don’t have to go No. Um, maybe you should try.

I don’t have to go. Do people have just one wedding, or do people have lots of weddings Weddings, um. dad Well, usually people have one wedding, but sometimes Well, what is a wedding What’s a wedding for It’s a celebration for when two people want to spend their lives together and be a family. I get it. Yeah. So. Wait. Oh no! Then what if the person I marry already has a family Like, how do I know that Uh, well, they would tell you. Oh! chuckles Of course. I have to go to the bathroom.

You just said you didn’t have to go. Yeah, it’s just that. I have to go. I’m not gonna touch anything, right No, right. Don’t touch anything. Okay, I don’t have to go. Yeah, you have to go. Mmm, no I don’t. We can’t do this all day. You obviously have to go. I don’t have to go! Just.just relax. Just let it out. sighs Here you go. Tell me a story. dad Okay, once upon a time. there was a little tinkle that lived in Coco’s tummy. What’s his name.

Convos With My 4YearOld EPISODE 4 Car Pee Diem

The Tinkle’s name Uh, Steve. Coco Mhm. Steve Tinkle. dad So he wanted to get out. He decided one day to knock on the door and he said, Hey! Let me outta here! And then Coco heard the call and decided to relax and just let him out. And down he went. through the pipes, this way, and that way, and urinating Hey! Way to go! I’m doing it. You’re doing it. chuckles There you go. Nice work. sighs Whew. urinating stops High five.

Urinating Oh man. stops Done Maybe. urinating starts No, it’s coming out. Okay. dad Did you drink a lot urination slows to a drip and stops I’m ready. Great. Let me make this up here. dad Okay, here we go. bumping noises Okay, I wanna do it! No! No, no, no, no, no. Don’t touch. Watch. flushes toilet Use your feet. Good bye. I want to. Yeah, you use your feet. thumping noises No, you don’t need to do it now.

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