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Do Cats Spray When Angry

how to sop cat spraying anytime York and backs himself but towithdraw or other object in your house lifts his tail andreleases herein you have a problem this problem is known as spraying and isvery common with cats kept indoors even though it is a very annoyingproblem it’s a problem that can be solved

contrary to what many think spraying isn’ta litter box problem but rather a problem with marking cat urine is sprayed contains pheromoneswhich is a substance that cats and other animals use for communicating pheromones are much like fingerprintswith humans as they are used to identify the can to other animals when the cats spray something he issimply marking his territory through his urine

the spraying is simply the cats way ofletting others know that the territory is his even though it may make you mad andannoy you getting angry with your cat will solve nothing if you raise your voice or shell Andhratowards your cat it can very well result in more spraying can’t stand her in heat are easilyattracted to the odor of urine for cats in heat spraying is more or lessan invitation for love

oftentimes cats that spray while indeedresults in a litter of kittens are born in just a few short months keep in mind that counts not only sprayduring heat as some will also sprayed during encounters with other cats orwhen they’re feeling stressed although spraying as a way ofcommunicating for cats the smell for people is horrible the good thing here is that most catswill do a majority of their spraying outdoors

if you have an indoor cat that nevergoes outside spraying can indeed be a problem if you’ve noticed spraying in your homeyou should take action and do something about it immediately the most effective and also the easiestway to stop spraying is to have your cat either neutered or spayed which ofcourse depends on the sex most male cats that have been neuteredwill stop spraying the same day they have the surgery

if you don’t want to get your canneutered or spayed you should look into other options if you hope to one day bring your catyou certainly don’t want to have him neutered or spayed the best thing to do in this situationis to talk to your veterinarian he will be able to give you advice andpossibly even solve the problem without having surgery there may be a medical problem presentthat is causing the problem which you

Why do cats urine spray and how to stop a cat spraying

Urine marking in home Urine marking is one of the ways cats mark their territory All cats do this and whilst this is fine outside You do not want this behaviour in our homes If your cat has started to urine mark in your home Please visit your vet to make sure there are no underlying health reasons for this change in behavior such as urine tract problems. You vet can also help you

to work out whether it’s urine marking or just your cat doesn’t want to use the litter tray For example the litter box is too small or you cat has difficulty gettinginto the box due to joint problems. Once cleared by the vet you need to identify what has triggered this behaviour. Has there been a changed to the litter used. or where the litter box is located. Cats do like privacy when they toilet.Try to place your cats litter box

in a quiet and private area. Make surethere is more than one place your cat has to go to the toilet. Have there been any changes in the home recently? Such as decorating, moving furniture or a new addition to the home a new pet or baby or any changes toyour routine. All cats are very territorial and like routine. Any slight change in their life or environment can cause them anxiety. Feliway is ally proven helpprevent and

reduce stress related behaviours such as urine marking. Using Feliway will help support your cat when changes are unavoidable. If your cat has urine marked somewhere in the home try to clean this as soon as possible. Simply using a surgical spirit and water mix or specifically designed product will remove the pheromone left by your cat without leaving a chemical smell. Everyday cleaning product may not workbecause their smell especially ammonia or bleach cleaners are usually strong and may increase the chance your cat urine marking on them. After the cleaned area has dried spray Feliway on them.

Spray should be applied at least daily. Until your cat stops marking that spot. A Feliway Diffuser can also be used to help reinforce the feeling of security. How long should Feliway be used? improvement can be seen in the first week of use But using Feliway for at least a month is recommended Remember some homes can benefit from

continuious use of Feliway especially multicat households This is not a problem as you can’t have too much Feliway. You may need to consider otherchanges to. Please watch the multicat film..

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