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Do Female Cats Spray When They Are Pregnant

Why You Should Still Spay or Neuter Your Cat Dog

WILD ANIMAL NOISES All right, folks. Today we’re going to answer a very, very important question. A question that I get more often than I probably should at this point, which is, Jackson, should I spay or neuter my animal companion? Should you? Man, we are about to get catified up in here.

Let’s go. JAZZY INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Let’s break it down to the questions that I get asked most often. It’s not just, should I spay or neuter? The question usually revolves around marking behavior, cats who are just bound and determined to get outside. And when they do, bad things happen.

You can’t stop a sexually mature cat from wanting to roam. For the males, they have a hormonal prime directive which is to populate their territory. And for the females, they’ll be rolling around on the pavement. They’ll be leaving scent everywhere. How do I get my cat to stopping peeing all over the house? Most the time, I’ll tell them to take that blacklight of yours, go outside the house, and I bet you’ll.

Find evidence of neighborhood cats, feral cats that are also marking against your house. So it’s a pretty normal reaction on your cat’s part to say, hey, hey. I draw the battle lines right here. This is my place, and I’ll pee on this wall while you’re peeing on the opposite side. The problem is you’ve got a hormonal war on your hands.

And the only way to deal with that is spaying or neutering. I can’t fix the behavior unless we fix the animal. That’s the bottom line. A lot of folks say to me, well, I’ve heard that if I spay my cat or if I neuter my cat, they tend to get really fat. No, no. That’s not a cause and effect.

What tends to happen is that they spend all this time that they were outside roaming inside the house. You don’t occupy their time by playing with them, and instead they are now eating way too much and not doing anything. And that’s why they get fat. So as long as you pick up the slack in terms of giving them activities, then.

You won’t have a fat cat post surgery. You asking me, how do I get my cats to get along? If one of them is not spayed or neutered, if all of them are not spayed or neutered, I can’t help you. The other thing that folks don’t realize is that a sexually mature animal has infinitely greater chances of cancer, namely testicular cancer, ovarian cancer. It’s going to happen more likely than not.

How to Stop Your Cats From Scratching Furniture

All right. Fine, Jackson, fine. You told me all about declawing and how terrible it. Is And fine, fine, I won’t declaw my cat. My cat is still wrecking my house. My cat is scratching up my furniture. My cat is scratching me.

I don’t want my cat to scratch. Now what do I do? Well, calm down Sleepless in Scratchville. It’s time to get catified. If you watched episode about declawing, you know exactly where I fall on the matter. I mean, I made myself pretty clear, right?.

Don’t do it. Don’t do it. It’s inhumane, it’s cruel, it’s unusual, it’s unnecessary. And it rarely works in solving behavioral problems. It usually makes other ones crop up. And did I tell you it hurts? You said, find. And you said it in loud, loud ways.

I mean, thank you by the way, people. The way you’re coming out, team Cat Mojo in force, right? How do you live with a cat and her claws? Well, I’m going to tell you it. There’s a few things we have to bear in mind. Scratching is a necessity for cats. It’s not a luxury. Cats need to, first of all, exercise.

The top part of their body. It’s a nice way to grab something and pull down and get that exercise. Also, it’s a really important part of marking territory. Now remember, Cat Mojo 101. Cats need to own places. If they don’t own places, they become very, very insecure and anxious, and they act out in other ways.

If it is a necessary, if cats do need to scratch, well then, what are we going to do about that? The first thing that we do is trim their nails. You take either a nail trimmer or a human nail clipper, or the ones that they sell in the stores that are more like systems, whatever suits your fancy. You press the cat’s pad. And boink, out comes the nail.

All you’ve got to do is take off the tip. You don’t have to take off that part where the red meets the white. You don’t have to worry about hurting them that way. You don’t worry about what we call quicking them, which is hitting that blood supply and making everyone unhappy. Just bump, and it’s done.

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