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Do Male Cats Still Spray After They Have Been Neutered

WILD ANIMAL NOISES All right, folks. Today we’re going to answer avery, very important question. A question that I getmore often than I probably should at this point,which is, Jackson, should I spay or neutermy animal companion? Should you? Man, we are about toget catified up in here.

Let’s go. JAZZY INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Let’s break it downto the questions that I get asked most often. It’s not just, shouldI spay or neuter? The question usually revolvesaround marking behavior, cats who are just bound anddetermined to get outside. And when they do,bad things happen.

You can’t stop a sexuallymature cat from wanting to roam. For the males, they havea hormonal prime directive which is to populatetheir territory. And for the females, they’ll berolling around on the pavement. They’ll be leavingscent everywhere. How do I get my cat to stoppingpeeing all over the house? Most the time, I’ll tell them totake that blacklight of yours, go outside the house,and I bet you’ll

find evidence of neighborhoodcats, feral cats that are also marking against your house. So it’s a pretty normalreaction on your cat’s part to say, hey, hey. I draw the battlelines right here. This is my place, andI’ll pee on this wall while you’re peeingon the opposite side. The problem is you’ve got ahormonal war on your hands.

And the only way to deal withthat is spaying or neutering. I can’t fix the behaviorunless we fix the animal. That’s the bottom line. A lot of folks sayto me, well, I’ve heard that if I spay mycat or if I neuter my cat, they tend to get really fat. No, no. That’s not a cause and effect.

What tends to happen is thatthey spend all this time that they were outsideroaming inside the house. You don’t occupy theirtime by playing with them, and instead they arenow eating way too much and not doing anything. And that’s why they get fat. So as long as youpick up the slack in terms of givingthem activities, then

Male Cat Spraying 5 Steps For Quick Resolution

male cat spraying five steps for a quick resolution do you have a neutered male cat sprayingall the time have you tried everything but the sprayingis still going on you answered yes to these questions hereare five steps you can take toward solving this problem right now male cats deal with stress and anxietythrough spraying initially but after a while it seems like it almost becomes ahabit long after any stress has gone

away it was just caused by stress you canremove that source and be done with it but habits are much harder to break you should always have a male cat who isspraying checked out by the veterinarian first to rule out any possible medicalcauses of this behavior 1 identify try and identify the times of the daycircumstances and areas that he sprays

and see if there are any patterns youcan pick up on an identify to clean cleaned the areas that he sprays with anenzymatic cleaner so there is no lingering smell no true the reward forhim doing this behavior three space if he has his own space can you give himanother litter box where bigger one

although not directly related to aspraying sometimes changing the litter box situation can help a lot for pheromones there are some cat pheromones on themarket some people have used with great success this can really help calm the can downif it is due to stress and is worth the last try

5 attention trying to give more attention to himaround eight times that he does spray before he does it if possible if he isbusy getting attention for being active he might not feel the need to spray asmuch also if possible try and keep the sameroutine everyday which might help calm him down overall it is important to at leastfigure out where and when he sprays the

most then your treatment plant can bethe most effective.

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