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Elderly Cat Peeing On Bed

Coco Look at how much fun we’re having. piano plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and goes offkey Daddy, can we get a cat You want a cat Yeah. Uh, what would you do with a cat I would snuggle it and kiss it and all that kind of stuff. Right. Well, we have Banjo. Yeah, but he’s not a cat. Well, yeah, I know that. But he’s cuddly. Yeah, but I want a cat. Well, we can’t really have a cat because I’m allergic.

Right. Right. What’s allergic Allergic, it means that the cats make me sick. I can’t breath very well, my nose runs, my eyes get watery. It’s a mess. Can we get a cat after you die awkward silence After I die Yeah, like if you died. could we get a cat Well, I’m not gonna die for a really long time. awkward silence But if you did die, then we could get a cat. Well, that would be up to your mom, I guess.

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