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How Can Male Cats Spray Backwards

What Am I Petting ft Tony Hale GAME

Can we tell what we’re petting using only our petting parts? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! Welcome to the show. .Emmyawardwinning actor and star of the hit HBO series Veep. Yes. Oh, very good friend. .and our friend, Tony Hale! Hey, Tony. How ya doin’? Hey! So happy to be here. Yes. Are you a fan of petting zoos?.

(laughing) It’s a hard word. (laughing) Petting zoos. Nope, I’m not. Good, because it’s time to play. (Rhett Link) What Am I Petting? ♪ (Whaaaaat?) ♪ All right, here we are in the. .petting zoo palace area. Did you know we had one of those? It doesn’t look like a palace, though. It’s sort of like a yard. Well, to YOU it doesn’t. Well, you know, it’s a containment. .zone wherein something will be. Okay.

.placed after I’m blindfolded. And then I will pet it. And then I will correctly guess what it is. And I will get two points. Now, listen. It’s only petting. No prodding. No poking. No pinching. Any other quot;pquot; things you can think of. Only petting. All right. And if I’m at a loss, I can ask for a hint, which will be provided to you and you will provide it to me. If I then guess it right, I get one point. If I still don’t get it, zero points and we rotate. ♪ (rock music) ♪ (Rhett Link) Round one!.

Bring it in. (Tony and Rhett laughing) Pet that, Link. (Tony) Yeah, enjoy. I’m brining m petters in. They’re comin’. It’s ready. Oh, mama! (laughing) There it is. (laughing) It’s a little sticky. Ooh! (laughing) Pet! Pet! Pet, man! Pet. Pet. Yes.

I think petting is more like a pat and a caress. You’re just hitting it. (Rhett) There you go. (Tony) It likes that. (Link) It’s got a certain direction. Oh, gosh. I’ve ooh. It’s responding to you. It looks happy! This is not making me. (Tony makes a quot;whooshquot; noise) .ah! (everyone on and offscreen laughing) The sound effect coming from your. .mouth area is what gave it away. Other than that, I would’ve thought.

Shoot. .it was biting me. This is like a. .eel. I’m afraid to pet the front. I don’t blame ya. (laughing) It’s not a catfish, is it? It’s not gonna, like, sting me? Well, you gotta pet and find out. Ooh, gosh. (laughing) I’m so afraid! My armpits are. .sweatin’ bad! Okay, okay. (crew offscreen laughing) (Link) It’s definitely a fish. The way you pet is so interesting. Do you touch people like this, too? (laughing).

Do you want a hint, or do you wanna just go for the guess? I’m going with, uh, nonelectric eel! You should’ve gone with your instinct. .Link. It’s a catfish! It is a catfish! (incorrect buzzer) Ayoo! I thought it would have whiskers. .on the end of it! I think they cut ’em off for your safety. ♪ (rock music) ♪ (Rhett Link) Round Two! Is there, like, and inhouse therapist, because this triggers all my fear. .of uncertainty. (laughing).

Can You Eat That GAME

Today, we’re gonna eat stuff we didn’t know we could eat. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning!. As you might know, we recently released a tutorial on the rhettandlink channel, a music tutorial called (both) quot;Are You Gonna Eat That?quot; ♪ (heavy electronic music) ♪ (Rhett singing) Are you gonna at that? It was basically us eating a bunch of stuff, which is kinda the musictutorial.

version of… this show, at this point. Our lives. Out lives. Be honest. But you have seen that we are willing We eat stuff. to eat lost of things that people might not eat be, uh. normally in the mood to eat, Mhm. but everything that we eat is edible, technically. We don’t eat things that could kill us, but today, we’re gonna play a game. Like that live, raw chicken. Yeah. That we cut right before you ate. Right, I didn’t actually eat it.

We eat things that won’t kill us, but on today’s episode, if you make the wrong choice, you might eat something that’ll kill ya. What? Is that how it works? No, actually, no. (stammering) But we’ve devised a way to learn what’s edible. Yes. …that you didn’t know. It’s time to play… quot;Is It Edible or Deadible?quot; subtitle, quot;Can you eat that… or can you eat that thing beside it?quot; We’re gonna take turns, so who’s going first?.

Me I you me? (Noah offscreen) Link is gonna go first. Link’s gonna go first. Oh, thank you! And then Link will have two things in front of him. He has to pick which one is actually the edible thing. Which is edible; what’s deadible. If I get it right, I get a point. Yep. and you have to eat the edible thing. If I get it wrong, you get the point, and I have to eat the thing… (Rhett) Right. …that’s edible, but I’m told that none of the things are desirable,.

even though their technically edible. So if you’re not able to eat the thing in that round that you have been specified to eat, the other guy gets another point. You’ll understand. Let’s go ahead and get started with. (both) Round One! (sizzling and a ding) (Both Rhett Link) Round One! ♪ (light jazz) ♪ All right, waiter Chase, bring it out. If you’d bring it in to me. Wow, look at that. It’s very fancy. I feel so… yeah, it’s.

Plastic, but it… (knocking) That’s totally plastic. Oh, you shouldn’t have revealed that that was plastic. ♪ (harp glissando) ♪ (Rhett) Could you say something nice. …when you reveal it? (Link) Okay. Yeah, absolutely. Voilà! Oh, that’s oh, very nice, Chase. quot;Voilà.quot; (Link) So I’m going to choose which one of these is edible? What is this? (Rhett) Well, it’s gonna be the wrappers.

(Noah offscreen) They are both the wrappers, so Starburst and Mexican candy. I think I know that Starburst wrappers are edible, because it’s so hard to get ’em off. You just might as well just eat it. So that’s what I think, but I’m not gonna put anything past Mexico. I mean, they are sly with the sugar. (rustling) This thing could be sugar. (Rhett laughing) quot;This thing.quot; Smells like a wrapper. What’s your answer? Uh… I’m almost positive that you can eat a Starburst wrapper, technically. So I’m saying that:.

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