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How To Clean Cat Pee Out Of A Recliner

I’ve seen the commercials on television and I could even sing you the jingle, but I’ll spare you! I have bad boy dogs and they had kind of done a number on the chair and what I was doing just wasn’t happening. It wasn’t fixing it anymore. It was either hang on to a much loved chair or replace the chair. So muchloved won out. We decided on a last ditch effort to save the chair. They came out and they saved the chair. I got a really great, comprehensive, deepclean outside on a nice day. They treated it as much as they were.

Satisfied with and they got it all dry, gave us all the instructions and told us when we could bring it in. He went over and above because they had some down time while they were waiting on the chair in between processes, so there wasn’t any idle time. They didn’t just stand around looking for something to do. They stayed busy. The whole process was probably under two hours. I have recommended John Moore to my neighbors, family members, friends, and probably people in the grocery store. Again, much beloved chair, and John.

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