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How To Clean Cat Urine Out Of Sheepskin Rug

Hello it’s Ruglovermary for LuvARug in Victoria and today I am highlighting this hand knotted Pakistan rug here is the back to show that you can see the pattern and you can see the knots and the fringes come out from the rug themselves, they are not attached afterwards with this rug we’re going to clean it and then we are going to remove the fringes cause they are getting a bit worn and there are some stains in them as well there’s also something else something unique about this trug.

The client has a dog and the dog decided that it was going to clean up a spill and you can see right here that there is some texture damage from the Silvia of the dog the fibers are matted down and flattened and right now it looks like there could be textural difference but hopefully after cleaning that will bounce back so if you have a pet that is constantly licking the carpet due to spills or when they bath themselves to stop this from happening you can just sprinkle a little black pepper on the rug.

And once they get a nose full of that or a tongue full it would be very unpleasant and help deter them from constantly licking your rugs or your wall to wall as well so that just doesn’t happen all the time to cause these areas of textural difference so this has been RugloverMary showing you a hand knotted Pakistan rug before the fringes and cleaning it happened an the textural difference hopefully we will disappear so when you have this happened LuvARug can easily help your rug look like new again.

How to stop your dog from licking your carpetsby LuvARug

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