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How To Clean Cat Urine Sheets

Hi! My name is Leslie Moselle and I am from Tampa, Florida. On behalf of Expert Village, this is how to make a bed. The first thing you want to do when making your bed or before making your bed, is to kind of clean off the area, clean your mattress or you can apply a scotch guard if it is a brand new mattress. With brand new mattresses, scotch guard works great. Just any old upholstery cleaner or you can use it for your furniture, your pillows also, not just your mattress. What you want to do is apply a light spray to the entire.

Mattress. You don’t want to put a heavy spray on. What you do is apply one light spray, clean it off a little bit with a dry towel, apply a second spray and dry it off a little bit more. You want to make sure your fabric or your pillow top is dry before you put on any of the your sheets. But after that just for in between changing your sheets or if you just want to give your mattress a fresh smell, you can spray a fabric cleaner or a.

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