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How To Clean Cat Urine With Bleach

Hi, this is Ann Myrick and today I’m going to show you how to clean up dog urine off your carpet or your floor. It’s a little bit harder to get it in the get it off your carpet, so just blot it off the floor and clean it with a detergent, if it’s on the floor. If it’s on the carpet what you would do is you would blot it, and get as much liquid up as possible. And then I would take a bucket of a little bit of soapy water, and wash it.

Really good. And with the carpet especially if you have thick carpet that is like shag or is frisee, what you want to do is get it down, get the cleaning down into the bottom of where the carpet is, and then you want to take alcohol or you can also take a carpet cleaner, and just spray, I’m sorry, you’d spray your sponge, and then just again back and forth on your rug, getting it very well, or you would do the same with alcohol. And both the carpet cleaner and the alcohol had a clean smell to them and it would disinfect.

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