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How To Get Cat Pee Out Of Your Carpet

Caring for New Cats Kittens Reasons to Spay Neuter Cats

We wanted to talk just quickly about spaying and neutering and how important it is, not only just to control the cat population.But, also for the benefits of the pet’s health and the longevity.Kim, your cat at home has been spayed or neutered.Is that right neutered, yes.Ok.That’s a male cat that’s been neutered.Male cats are neutered.That means that we actually remove their testicles.And, the female cats are spayed.And, with the females we actually make an incision in the stomach and take the ovaries and the uterus out.A.

Lot of people are kind of opposed to that for a lot of different reasons.But, we do have an overpopulation problem.Which, is what people most think about as far as what’s going to be necessary to keep this cat from making too many kittens.But, with especially the male cat they develop a behavior of spraying once they hit sexual maturity.And, that means they start branding your house with urine.And, so in my view any indoor cat that’s a male cat it’s a slam dunk.You just have to get that done.There’s a new method of doing.

It and they call it ‘early spays and neuters’ when they do it at very young.Even at six weeks of age.And, the humane societies have done that to kind of stop the revolving door.They send an animal home and the people say they’re going to bring it back to spray it and they don’t.And, then they have more kittens.So, my feeling is that we have this cat in a real responsible indoor environment that between four and six months of age is the ideal time to get your cat neutered.And, it’s a very simple process.We bring them.

In, in the morning of the day of the surgery.We do take a little blood sample to be sure they’re healthy enough to handle anesthesia.And, we put them under anesthesia and we make a little incision on each side of the scrotum.And, we take the testicles out.These kitty cats wake up and they don’t even notice it happened.They don’t look back and lick themselves or worry about it all.The go home the same day and the owner’s sometimes don’t even know anything happened.So, we encourage you to get that done and my staff is going to send.

An estimate with you today on how much it would cost to get that done.Also, when they are under anesthesia we also monitor their heart rate and their blood pressure and their pulse ocs.So, we know that they’re going to wake up and do ok.We use an inhalant kind of anesthetic when we put them under anesthesia.It’s the same as they use in human medicine.And, it’s the safest that it can be done.There’s always a minor risk involved with putting any animal under anesthesia.But, when we take all of the precautions that i’ve.

How to stop your dog from licking your carpetsby LuvARug

Hello it’s ruglovermary for luvarug in victoria and today i am highlighting this hand knotted pakistan rug here is the back to show that you can see the pattern and you can see the knots and the fringes come out from the rug themselves, they are not attached afterwards with this rug we’re going to clean it and then we are going to remove the fringes cause they are getting a bit worn and there are some stains in them as well there’s also something else something unique about this trug.

The client has a dog and the dog decided that it was going to clean up a spill and you can see right here that there is some texture damage from the silvia of the dog the fibers are matted down and flattened and right now it looks like there could be textural difference but hopefully after cleaning that will bounce back so if you have a pet that is constantly licking the carpet due to spills or when they bath themselves to stop this from happening you can just sprinkle a little black pepper on the rug.

And once they get a nose full of that or a tongue full it would be very unpleasant and help deter them from constantly licking your rugs or your wall to wall as well so that just doesn’t happen all the time to cause these areas of textural difference so this has been ruglovermary showing you a hand knotted pakistan rug before the fringes and cleaning it happened an the textural difference hopefully we will disappear so when you have this happened luvarug can easily help your rug look like new again.

How Feliway helped Mewsli to stop cat scratching and hiding

So, mewsli is my little baby.He’s a bit of a character.He’s got the softest fur.He’s really, really cute.He’s a rescue cat so i had an immediate kind of connection with him and i was like i’ve got to take him home.I do get the feeling because of his demeanour that maybe he didn’t have the best of upbringings unfortunately.He was very scared, he was very anxious, he would hide.He was scratching the side of the chair so he ruined part of the chair, which wasn’t great and, obviously, my husband.

Probably wasn’t very happy about that either bringing in the new cat.Since we first got him we’ve had to build up that trust.We did use feliway.I kind of read that it helps relax nervous cats and cats in new environments.The feliway plugin was really easy to use, actually.Just plug it in the wall and let it go and you forget about it.And i use the spray on certain areas for instance on the sofa where i know he goes.After a little time i noticed.

The Best and Worst Ways to Train Your Cat

Dear people of team cat mojo.This is a public service announcement.My name is squirt, squirt bottle.You may use me to remain stains.You may use me to water your garden.What you should not use me for, and what has upset many of my brethren, is to punish your animals.Welcome to the cat cave.Alright, it’s time we talked about squirt gun diplomacy.If i can’t use this, how do i discipline my cat no such thing as disciplining your cat.I’m sorry to say folks, they have no idea.

What you’re talking about when you use this voice on them.Squirt guns do not work.They do not work.Now let’s use an example.Let’s say your cat is counter surfing.Counter surfing of course means that they’re just walking across the counters, and it’s something that drives you insane.And you would much rather that your cats aren’t counter surfing.If you wanted your cat to stop counter surfing, then every single time, 247, that they jump up on the counter if you wanted to be hanging out with mr.Squirt bottle, and you wanted.

Make sure that they got off the counter, when then you’ve got to camp out there, all day, every day.Then when you’re not around, i promise you your cat is counter surfing.I promise that you haven’t taught them a thing.All they know is that when you’re around, they shouldn’t do something.And when you’re not around, they will.So you have succeeded in diminishing the bond between you and your cat completely.They are afraid of you, not afraid of the experience of getting wet when they jump up on the counter.

So it’s something that i find really, really important, because it follows that line of thinking.Can cats be disciplined no, of course they cannot.What let’s say that we were using an aircompressed canister and an electric eye, that tool.Put down, cat jumps up, squirt squirt, ok, with air.And they’re gone.What’s the big difference there that you didn’t do it, the counter did it.That’s an effective no.What can you do if there’s something that you would rather your cat not do well you’ve got to make it work for them.

So counter surfing first of all, what does it attain are you keeping food on the counter and then asking your cat not to eat that food is your cat a big fan of running water out of a faucet, and yet there is no running water in the form of fountains any place else or is your cat thriving on potentially negative attention it doesn’t really matter.If you yell at your cat or praise your cat it’s attention, right so if every time i jump up on the counter,.

I get attention, negative or positive, short of striking or squirting or whatever, then i’ll probably keep doing it.If absolutely nothing happens when i jump up on the counter no food, no reward, no lovey dovey, no pick you up and put you down, no pet on the way down, no yelling your name, no nothing.Nothing happens.Then why would i continue to do it ok so now we get to the second part of this.Squirt guns are out.So now we get to what i call the yes no.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re parenting someone with for legs or two.The yes no is a great way of doing things.Let’s go back to our counter surfer friend who, every time you’re in the kitchen, has to be out there.We can do something very simple.For instance, use a placement.The placemat has doublesided sticky tape on it, which is a really cool little trick, because you can take it off, put away somewhere, put it back down, it’s sticky.Every time you cat jumps up on the counter sticky, sticky.

Eh, i got to go.Or you use the compressed air canisters with the electric eyes that i use, like stayaway or scat, any of those guys.They go.We just established the no.Now where’s the yes well the yes for a treedwelling, inquisitive, counter surfer is something up in that kitchen that rises to the height, approximately, of that counter.Now away from the counter, so we’re not asking them to jump up on the counter, get sticky paws, get frustrated, go down, and do whatever they do.But for them to have a sill, a stand, a tree in the kitchen.

Area so while you’re making dinner, they can observe.Yeah.I approve, right my name is fluffy and i approve this dinner.Then we’re good.So the moral of the story here is that if you want your cat to do something, you’ve got to meet them halfway.Compromise is one of the highest forms of love in a relationship.This actually signifies something completely different, on a deeper level.This signifies that we believe that we can bend our animals to our will, right and if we step back from the squirt gun for a second,.

Step away from the squirt gun, we may realize that that is not a humane operational system.Squirt gun diplomacy is not actual diplomacy.In essence, think about the no and yes.And once you think about no and yes, you’ll probably get somewhere, alright so anyhow.That’s all i got for today.Keep watching.Guys, thank you so much for subscribing.We passed 20,000 subscribers on the cat mojo channel, and i could not be more proud and grateful.And grateful to the folks at the animalist network, by the way,.

For helping so much and making this a reality.So check me out here.Anywhere you are, i am.I don’t care if it’s twitter or facebook or instagram or youtube or google.Or probably in the supermarket.We’re in the same place at the same time.And i would love to hear from you.Please leave a comment.Please keep subscribing.Don’t forget, we just had our second google hangout.We’ll be having mojo hangouts onward and onward every month, so you’ll find out about that by subscribing as well.

Female Cat Spraying Stop Spray After Neutering

If you found this tutorial you probably have a cat that is causing smelly problems that are taking a lot of time to clean up i represent stop cat spray.Com and i want you to know that stop cat sprays here to help you solve your problems we have provided solutions too messy cat owner for cat lovers all over the world there is no single solution that will work for every animal but there is a solution for every cat out there we have not seen a problem that we have not been able to fix whether it be a cat.

Spraying or peeing outside of the litter box we have a solution for you we provide relief from the embarrassment of a home you are not comfortable with it is true that female cat spraying is possible for most people this can be solved by getting your cats will stop spraying after neutering if your cat is already neutered or you would like to try some other methods before resorting to that tactic you can learn all of the other tactics that have been used to solve the problem by clicking the link below.

ASMR Binaural Haircut Role Play

Hi! welcome! what can i do for you ok.Yeah sure, i can do that! alright.A dry cut.Ok.Alright.So, for that i would have to use a lot of spray.A lot of water to wet your hair down suficiently.Is that ok yeah, pretty much the whole time.Ok.Alright.Sounds great.Let’s start! ok.Are you ready ok.So, i’ll start by combing your hair.Ok.Ok.A little bit on the left and right side.Cause i saw a few knots here.Alright.And also on the left side.

Ok.That looks good already.Now i’m going to..Spray your hair with water.This is just normal water.And then i’m going to comb it with this comb.Ok.And then i’m gonna start cutting.And in the back.Alright.I’m now going to comb your hair.But i will probably have to keep wetting it down the whole time, ok just that you’re prepared.Ok.Alright, let’s go.I’m gonna start on your left side.Ok, now on your right side.And i’m going to go to the back.

And in the front.Alright.So, now that that’s done i think i need to spray again.Your hair dries up really quickly.Yeah, i know, this time i’m using a different liquid.I need to shake it up a little bit.No, don’t worry, it’s completely natural and will benefit your hair.Ok, here we go.Once more that’s not true.Alright.So now, we can start with the cutting..Your..Beautiful..Hair.Are you ready ok.Yeah, this is the first step and then later on..I’m going to use a different pair of sissors.

To do, like, all the details and the little things.That i didn’t see the first time.Ok.I think i need to use the comb again.Yeah, on both sides.Ok.Ok, i’m going to do your bangs now.Oh wait, i think i have to spray them.Alright.Oh, where did i put my scissors oh here, ok.Yeah.The sides and the top and the front look already really good.Uh, so, i’ll be going to the back in just a bit.Are you ok alright.How do you like it so far.

Aw, i’m happy to hear that! ok, i think we’re good on..The left side and also on..The right side..And at the top..And in the front.So, it’s time to go to the back now.Alright, so, once again i have to..Wet your hair down a little bit.And then i’m going to start cutting.Alright.I’m going to comb through one more time..And then i’m going to start cutting the hair..On the back of your head.Ok.I’m going to start cutting.Ok, i’m going to change my scissors now.

And i’m going to continue in the back..And then go to the left side..And then to the right side..And then to the front.Ok ok.Alright, let’s start.Relax.Relax.Relax.Sleep.Sleep.Sleep.Relax.Relax.Relax.Sleep.Sleep.Sleep.Relax.Relax.Relax.Sleep.Sleep.Sleep.Relax.Relax.Relax.Sleep.Sleep.Sleep.Ok, so, i’m done in the back and i’m now going to do the right side..And the left side just a few details, you know! just a few little hairs that i didn’t get the first time.Ok but, over all, you already look pretty fabulous.Alright, let’s go! yeah, the left side looks perfect.

And the right side almost does.Yeah, this is going to be the finish.Ok.I think that looks wonderful.You look amazing! i’m going to brush through your hair one last time.And then you’re done.Ok.So, that’s it.I think you look really, really good.Is there anything you would like me to change..Or to work on..Still no you’re happy with it ok, i like to hear that! alright! it was a pleasure for me too, thank you! ok, yeah, you have to pay at the front desk.

How to stop cats from spraying 6 solutions

Hi, andy here from healthy pet systems.Today i will tell you how to stop cats from spraying to stop cat from spraying do the following things 1.When your cat is six months old, have it neutered.Although there are many good reasons for neutering your cat, more than 90 percent of them won’t spray in your home if they are neutered during the beginning six months.2.Limit outdoor views for your cat.If it sees another cat of the opposite gender it will make it spray and mark their territory, i.E.Your home.Move all furniture away from.

The windows, cover the lower ends of the windows and pull your drapes properly.Also provide your pet with a play area or cat tree in order to refocus their attention.3.If there is more than one cat in your home, develop a good relationship between them.Kitties that get along tend to be less competitive and are more likely not to spray on a regular basis.Give them equal attention and play with them together, make them sleep and eat together as well.Also encourage them to groom one another.You can do this by damping a.

Cloth yourself and wiping them both with it in turns.4.Don’t stress your cat.Keep everything in check and in routine.Any kind of change in your house may trigger anxiety and stress for your pets.New people, new cats or new decorations, anything can stress them out.Feed them on the same time you do each day, clean their litter boxes and also keep their beds in the same regular place.If you have visitors, place your pets in a separate room, particularly if they have cats of their own.

And may also carry their own particular scent.Feliway spray and comfort zone plugin have pheromone like substances in them which are designed to calm cats.These sprays may help your cats come over their anxiety, particularly if you have an event planned the following night or when you think that they look stressed.5.If your cat has the tendency to spray, make sure to clean the sprayed area thoroughly to prevent from remarking.Cleanaway pet stain odor remover, stainaway and odorlogic are recommended brands as they contain natural enzymes which devour odors rather than just.

Covering it up with their own scents.6.Noscratch! and ssscat spray drives your cat away as it has an unbearable scent for cats.This is basically to stop them from spraying over your houseplants or any other particular thing that interests your cat a lot.To find out more, i created a great guide about cats spray.In it you will find why do cats spray, do female cats spray and how to stop a cat from spraying.Link is down below in description.If you liked this tutorial, hit the subscribe button to receive more like it in the future.

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