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How To Remove Cat Urine Smell From Drain

Air Conditioning Smell Funky AC System Explained HowTo Fix The Stink

Alright so today on Repairs101 I thought I�d talk to you about that awful funky smell coming out of your car�s airconditioning. If you live in a warm climate or a particularly humid climate you�re going to have a problem like this. It arises every the first few minutes when you first start up your vehicle and you turn on your air conditioning. The smell comes out � it smells like a wet dog or an old pair of work socks or some sweaty guy�s workboots� or maybe some gross old carpet. Alright so today on Repairs101 I just thought I�d talk about how every summer somebody asks me what�s that awful smell coming out of the air �conditioning in their car? It�s fairly common and it�s surprisingly.

Easy to fix. OK so I made this 3D cutaway model using Google�s �SketchUp� to try and help represent how the major components of the air conditioning system are laid out in the car, more or less. The condenser is up front. The evaporator is hanging on the firewall right in front of the cabin. The compressor�s on the engine somewhere. And then you�ll have your expansion valve or orifice tube located usually right in front of the evaporator. OK now I got this image from my John Deere �Fundamentals of Service� textbook. They�re excellent books. OK so it�s going to come into the compressor as a low pressure gas, the low pressure gas.

Is going to get compressed into a high pressure gas. The high pressure gas will go into the condenser and become a high pressure liquid. The high pressure liquid gets through an expansion valve then and becomes a low pressure liquid which then flows into the evaporator to become a low pressure gas and in doing so becomes exceedingly cold. The blowers blow the warm air from the cabin over top of the evaporator, they do a heat exchange � the hot air molecules are picked up by the refrigerant and then piped back into the compressor to start the cycle all over again. Here�s a schematic representation. So when you turn on your AC the blowers move the cabin air over the evaporator and pick.

Up a funky smell that�s the result of a microbial growth. It�s a mould or mildew or a fungus that�s growing on the evaporator and that�s what that smell is. If you�re blowing that smell in your face I�m afraid you�re blowing mould in your face. Dirt and dust and organic material collect on the evaporator as the result of getting past that intake screen. Now the evaporator itself is a moisture magnet. So you�ve got this dust and dirt and organic matter all combining with a very, very wet environment. So it�s the perfect breeding ground for mould. OK so the question would be: is there anything that you can do to prevent this from happening to your vehicle? And the answer is yes, there.

Is actually. What you do is when you�re out driving and you�re using your airconditioning � just before you get to your destination, you know, a couple of blocks � turn off the air conditioning, switch it to vent, leave the fan on full and try to use the blower to dry the evaporator before you park your vehicle. I�m going to use this product here, �Clean Air�. It�s a little more expensive than just using an ordinary room deodorizer or certainly vinegar and water would be the least expensive option. If you�re living in a really hot and humid environment where your AC is running Full Tilt Boogie all the time then you�re going to be doing this quite.

Often and you might want to just use something inexpensive like an ordinary household disinfectant like �Lysol�. If you�re sensitive at all to smells or chemicals you might just try a mixture of water and vinegar shot out of a solvent sprayer like this one. (Gun sprays) (Key buzzes) (Engine shuts off) (Can squirts) (Keys jangle).

(Music plays) (Engine starts) (Blowers blow) (Can squirts) (Blowers blow) (Can squirts) (Blowers blow) (Music plays).

Why Does My Cat Pee Outside The Litter Box

All right folks, I’ve been hassled about this forever. We’re going to talk about litter boxes. As cats are all little individual snowflakes, they all come from the same place, from that big cat cloud, right? And like any other cloud, a little bit of pee must fall, or dingleberries, or let’s get catified.

All right, folks, we’re going to break this down in a very fast fashion because there’s a lot of information to cover in a very short amount of time. Now here’s the first thing. If your cat is peeing or pooping outside the box, number one, go to the vet. Rule things out.

Get a urinalysis done. Get a full blood panel done. Make sure that your cat’s not acting out from a very simple physical place. You got to know. I’ve had cases in the past where a cat has actually been acting out this was in the shelter environment. The cat was within a day of being euthanized.

Because of this behavior problem. And a friend of mine who’s a fantastic vet had the presence of mind to check the cat’s mouth. And sure enough, that cat had an abscessed tooth. And that’s why the cat was acting out, not using a litter box. And that abscessed tooth almost cost that cat her life. So let’s think about this.

Again, rule number one, go to the vet. Now here’s the next really important chunk. You have to know the tools of the trade here. You’ve got to know what you’re going to need in order to solve the problem. You know I’ve talked to you about this before. It’s the power of journaling. This helps you in a number of different ways.

You step away from the pee. You step away from the poop. It’s not all about you and it’s not all about the fact that you’re angry because your cat peed. You’re looking for the whats, the wheres, the hows, the whens, the whys. Now if this wasn’t happening a week ago and now it’s starting to happen regularly,.

What changed in my home? All about observation, not interpretation. Also use blue tape. Now I’ve talked about this as well. You have paper tape that painter’s use and every time your cat pees, you put an x down on the ground. The anti treasure map is what I call this guy, right?.

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