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How To Stop Cats From Peeing In My Garden

I like to think ive had some pretty good ideas in my time, like forget drive through coffee shops, I invented drive by coffee. (Skinny Latte!) And whatever spork. I beat the hell out of that when I created the cutting spoon. But the one idea I had that was probably most successful.

Was my water spray cat deterrent, which quite successfully rid my yard of urine spraying cats. Well, at least I thought that was the case for a while. So there I was, working away on a new non cat related project for a YouTube tutorial. And then I noticed an all to familiar sight .and smell. Yep. cat piss!.

Yeah, like before, its in all the usual places around the outside of my house. . even in my house. So while my Really super awesome cat get awayer thing worked well for months there, it’s not really practical to leave on all the time. But even once it was packed up the cats stayed away,.

Probably because it was burnt into their memory like if you ever have walked. in on your parents.Mum, where’s my Aladdin DVD? There were a lot of good alternative ideas suggested by you all but no . I am not going to replace the hose with a gun for obvious reasons. And for the minority of people out their who said err thats urine from a dog, did you not understand my surveillance footage?.

Its not a dog because one there is a big fence, and two THIS is a cat. Even if they are upside down I can still tell because I have this ability to see. So there are still a couple of cats returning to my yard, so I figured I needed to revisit this whole cat deterrent concept. What I need to do is increase the fear element of the device,.

So it’s etched so deeply into their memory they never return. In researching pest control measures, I discover that some farmers and even airports have been known to use pyrotechnics to scare birds and other pests away. No, I’m not going to use explosives. although that is a good idea,.

But you can’t easily buy anything fun like that in western australia. Here you’re not even allowed to use a toaster unless you are a licensed electrician. While looking through a draw I found something which prompted an idea. In keeping things humane and hopefully more effective here’s what you need to do.

Start off by purchasing yourself some party poppers. Youll also need an old pedestal fan. If you have a neighbour that has a bore for their garden reticulation, you’ll need to borrow their systems 240 volt relay. Find a power board. Grab a small plastic box that the relay will fit in.

QA How to Keep the Cat From Peeing In a Flower Bed

the neighborhood cat is using my flowerbeds as a litter box. Are there mulches or plants that will keep them out? So what do you’ll think about that one? The neighborhood cat is just hanging out. It’s the neighborhood cat.

it’s the neighborhood cat, oh boy. So are there any mulches or anything we could put down? Rock, pebbles, yeah, that would stop it. But you can plant a total cover of plants and then there’s not exposed soil, just add enough plants.

So there’s not an open area for them to dig. Chicken wire, I would be, something I would not use very much cause it’s so ugly. And then you’ve got to deal with it if you’ve got weeds. Right, right.

would red pepper flakes work? I’d heard that that’s. Kelly I think that’s temporary. Laurie Every time it rains, you’d probably have to. Yeah, it’s sort of a temporary thing. And there are repellents.

there’s some repellents out there. There are repellents for dogs, cats, and all those things, but it’s the same thing. As soon as it rains or whatever they’re gone and you’ve got to reapply. It’s sort of a territorial thing as well,.

So what you can do, and i know this is probably not a very fun thing to do, but you can dig out all the little things they leave behind and try to take some of that soil because the scent is what brings them back again and again so if you get rid of all of that,.

Then that’s going to make it less likely to come back. Go somewhere else, okay. The other neighbor’s house, right? The other neighbor. Yeah, with all the leaves blown out of your yard.

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