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Lemon Juice Stop Cat Peeing

This is Don Tolman all involved in medicine and also been called the indiana jones of whole foods I have gone all over the world studying cultures and diets and studied live people and why they’re diseasefree i’m so thrilled to put back together what i call the wholeinone organics and one of the products that we have an opportunity to introduce for the first time into the world it uses a technology of using nothing but different colored light because there’s an electromagnetic drop of water molecules from different color.

Foods depending on the color of the line no heat no freezing no freezedried heating and because of that there’s no loss of nutritional of components a family that are good friends of mine they figured this out on that one of these young sons kept noticing when the sun would come up in the morning in the middle of the winter and the grasses and trees and light would get at the end of the air temperature was below freezing when the sun rays hit the grass and stuff you can see clouds of evaporation coming up off.

And he kept asking his mom and dad, why did it do that how did your sunlight when it’s freezing can pull water out of stuff well they finally listened to this question it took several years that they figured it out and so for the first time in my life i can actually get behind fruit, vegetable and tubers colors because there’s not a light or heat and it does it in just a matter of a few hours not days and days freezing and powdering and crushing where you lose nutritional components.

Don Tolmans Cabala Juice Powder

Contrary to what their marketing campaign say this is the first time that i’m aware of in the history of the world at this time really creative genius has come forth they actually just shine lights of varying colors onto the foods and their colors and the water molecules sort of electromagnetic attraction pull towards the light and these are left whole and intact and they just crush them gently so that the fibers within the molecules just collapse and so it’s here for the first time i came up with an acronym for one of mine.

Favorite healing and energetic fruit juices type for years and years and years i call it cabala juice caba la c is for carrots 2 pounds of carrots the a’s are apples, so it’s 3 apples preferably a red apple a yellow apple and a green apple why because apples you cut them they have a perfect by five pointed star which represents the entirety of the human body hence the phrase by using healers an apple a day keeps the doctor away even though medical doctors are trained to make fun of that.

There’s truth in it and each one of these colors of apples targets different body systems the heart the liver and skin the lymphatic stream so you take two pounds of carrots and 3 apples a beat and in Australia they cal lit beetroot! but there it is look at the arteries and veins of blood and the heart itself but beating that the heart that’s why they’re called beets and then you take carrots looked at that the leaves look like the dendritic branching out the visual cortex in the.

Back of the brain the busted carrot looks just like the human eye with the pupil and radiating lines visual brain enhancement foods lemons absolutely brilliant the only food on the face of the earth that has what is called anions people with failed livers they have consumed a cup of juice for ninety days and they have a fully one hundredpercent functioning liver that’s the power of this the lemon and even targets healing of the skin this is so awesome and people are making it around the world but now.

Because of this family technology for the first time i can get behind powders! because they tested these powders this right here is about a month’s worth of this food if you were to have a glass of every single day some people are going to want to three four glasses a day just to experience the healing the energy of everything behind this but this is it they’ve done chemical testing spectral analysis and guess what for the first time in known history you can have a dried food powder.

And no nutritional components are lost and one hundred percent of the nutrition that is here is here with you bio activate it by putting the powder into water if activates it again not even the vitamin c is inactive that’s unheard of the vitamin c is activated when you put this into water and all you do is take a glass of water you take two tablespoons of the Cabala juice powders you put them in and you stir them into solution and oh my gosh the colors the smells fragrance.

The taste is going to blow you away i was thrilled that this family knows me trust me and is allowing me to bring this into the world for the very first time yep, I’m going to do a twoweek to fourweek cabala juice powder fast its when you travel you don’t have to carry all of this, you don’t have to leave what you’re doing and go up shopping you don’t have to pack your juicer with you for the very first time you can have all of the dynamic frequencies of nutrition.

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