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My 18 Year Old Cat Pees Everywhere

Why Does My Cat Pee Outside The Litter Box

All right folks, I’ve been hassled about this forever. We’re going to talk about litter boxes. As cats are all little individual snowflakes, they all come from the same place, from that big cat cloud, right? And like any other cloud, a little bit of pee must fall, or dingleberries, or let’s get catified.

All right, folks, we’re going to break this down in a very fast fashion because there’s a lot of information to cover in a very short amount of time. Now here’s the first thing. If your cat is peeing or pooping outside the box, number one, go to the vet. Rule things out.

Get a urinalysis done. Get a full blood panel done. Make sure that your cat’s not acting out from a very simple physical place. You got to know. I’ve had cases in the past where a cat has actually been acting out this was in the shelter environment. The cat was within a day of being euthanized.

Because of this behavior problem. And a friend of mine who’s a fantastic vet had the presence of mind to check the cat’s mouth. And sure enough, that cat had an abscessed tooth. And that’s why the cat was acting out, not using a litter box. And that abscessed tooth almost cost that cat her life. So let’s think about this.

Again, rule number one, go to the vet. Now here’s the next really important chunk. You have to know the tools of the trade here. You’ve got to know what you’re going to need in order to solve the problem. You know I’ve talked to you about this before. It’s the power of journaling. This helps you in a number of different ways.

You step away from the pee. You step away from the poop. It’s not all about you and it’s not all about the fact that you’re angry because your cat peed. You’re looking for the whats, the wheres, the hows, the whens, the whys. Now if this wasn’t happening a week ago and now it’s starting to happen regularly,.

What changed in my home? All about observation, not interpretation. Also use blue tape. Now I’ve talked about this as well. You have paper tape that painter’s use and every time your cat pees, you put an x down on the ground. The anti treasure map is what I call this guy, right?.

The Best and Worst Ways to Train Your Cat

Dear people of Team Cat Mojo. This is a public service announcement. My name is squirt, squirt bottle. You may use me to remain stains. You may use me to water your garden. What you should not use me for, and what has upset many of my brethren, is to punish your animals.

Welcome to the Cat Cave. Alright, it’s time we talked about squirt gun diplomacy. If I can’t use this, how do I discipline my cat? No such thing as disciplining your cat. I’m sorry to say folks, they have no idea what you’re talking about when you use this voice on them. Squirt guns do not work.

They do not work. Now let’s use an example. Let’s say your cat is counter surfing. Counter surfing of course means that they’re just walking across the counters, and it’s something that drives you insane. And you would much rather that your cats aren’t counter surfing.

If you wanted your cat to stop counter surfing, then every single time, 247, that they jump up on the counter if you wanted to be hanging out with Mr. squirt bottle, and you wanted make sure that they got off the counter, when then you’ve got to camp out there, all day, every day. Then when you’re not around, I promise you your cat is counter surfing.

I promise that you haven’t taught them a thing. All they know is that when you’re around, they shouldn’t do something. And when you’re not around, they will. So you have succeeded in diminishing the bond between you and your cat completely. They are afraid of you, not afraid of the experience of getting wet when they jump up on the counter.

So it’s something that I find really, really important, because it follows that line of thinking. Can cats be disciplined? No, of course they cannot. What let’s say that we were using an aircompressed canister and an electric eye, that tool. Put down, cat jumps up, squirt squirt, OK, with air. And they’re gone.

What’s the big difference there? That you didn’t do it, the counter did it. That’s an effective no. What can you do if there’s something that you would rather your cat not do? Well you’ve got to make it work for them. So counter surfing first of all, what does it attain? Are you keeping food on the counter.

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