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My 2 Year Old Cat Is Peeing Everywhere

Spraying urine is one waycats mark their territory. But it can also be a reactionto a stressful situation, and become a problemif it happens inside your home. First, visit your vetto check there are no underlying health reasonsfor this change in behaviour, like a urinary tract infection. If not, then considerany changes to your home, especially in litterbox useor location.

Has there been a recent addition,such as a new pet or baby? Or has your routine altered? All cats are creatures of habit, and even a slight variationcan cause them anxiety. Using Feliway Classicwith its comforting pheromone can help reduce the stressand prevent unwanted spraying. Clean any spray markingsas soon as possible. When the area is dry, useFeliway Classic Spray once a day

until your catstops marking the spot. Never spray your cat,and wait for 15 minutes before allowing itnear the sprayed area. If your cat is sprayingseveral areas in your home, plug a Feliway Diffuserin the room it frequents the most to help reinforce feelingsof calm and reassurance, so you can be happy together..

Convos With My 4YearOld 13 AND A HALF Episode 2 SEASON 5

(Coco) Look at how much fun we’re having. ♪ (piano plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and goes off key) ♪ (Coco) So I’m a princess. And you want to see my castle. (dad) Okay.You’re the princess. (Coco) Mmmhmm. (dad) Got it. But I’m not really a princess. I’m just pretending.

Yeah, I figured. Because princesses are, like, 13 and 1/2. Or, like, 20. Well, some people think that princesses have to be 20, and other people think they have to be 13 and 1/2. Okay, which one are you? I’m 13 and 1/2. Got it.

Okay. So, remember, you want a tour of my castle, which is up there. It’s not a real castle.We’re just pretending, right? Right. Pretending. Yeah. That’s what you do. Okay. (singsong) Remember what you have to do.

(Coco grunts with exertion) It’s harder. (Coco grunts) See that? Yeah. Okay. And action! Hi, princess, can I see your castle? Well, of course you canbecause it’s my castle

and I’m 15. You’reYou’re 15? Yes. Uh, I thought you were 13 and 1/2. Right. Why’d you say you’re 15? Because some people say 15and some people say 20. Yeah, but youyou were saying 13 and 1/2.

Right. That’s not 15 or 20. We’re just pretending. Yeah, no, I get that. But are we pretending to be 15 or 20 or 13 and 1/2? Okay, never mind.I’ll just be 24. (silence) ♪ (swing music) ♪

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