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My Cat Pees On My Bed Everyday

Shh. ELMER FUDD VOICE Be very, very quiet. I’m hunting ankles. WHISPERING Let’s get catified. THEME MUSIC So it’s about that time that I start answering the kind of questions that get asked me every single day. It’s really important that you’re paying attention, not only to the behavior of your cat, but to the language you use around the behavior of your cat. Jackson, help me here. I have a cat from hell. My cat attacks me every chance he has. What Your cat attacks you Yes, attacks me. Every time I walk by my dining room table,.

He is hiding under there and he jumps out and he attacks my ankles. Attacking that’s what I’m talking about, folks. When cats play, when they prey, when they attack, it comes sometimes from the same place. It means your cat is hunting. This is play aggression. What is play aggression Play aggression is the act of your cat playing. Although, to your ankles and to your knees and to your fingers, it actually doesn’t feel like playing. But you got to remember something. Once again, you guys, we have basically wild animals.

In our homes. I mean, the wild part of these guys, the raw cat, is right there up right underneath the surface, right Then what are they going to hunt They’re going to hunt things that move just like their prey would or as close to it as possible. And when you’re walking by that coffee table, what do your ankles look like Your ankles look like prey. So that’s why suddenly, sneak attack, jump on the ankles, and then run away. He is playing with you, and if he is choosing your ankles.

How to Stop Your Cat from Attacking Your Ankles

To play with, well then, what are you not doing Exactly. You’re not playing with your cat. You’re not taking that time every day that I’ve talked about time and time again to play, right And that means simulating hunt just for your cat. Now, most cats who will hide under the table, who will hide under the bed and then pounce out what do I call them I call the bush dwellers, right These are cats who find their confident, their raw cat, that little hunter. They find them under, down, low.

Then that’s when you play with your cat, and you structure it. So it happens every day. What’s appropriate is an interactive toy. Toys that you’ve seen me play with, I’m sure over and over and over again. Long pole, a string, a feather at the end of it, and then you wave it around the room. You actually have them chase it around corners. Don’t forget we’re dealing with a bush dweller here. So they may love having a toy up in the air. They may equally love having the toy disappear around the couch,.

And then wear them out. That’s your job. But, Jackson, you say, my cat doesn’t play. You haven’t found that magic toy and action combination is all there is to it. And if you regiment that time of day you know that I’ve talked about this a million times. As long as you regiment when that happens, you get that body expelling static electricity when and where and how you choose. So, folks, your homework around bush dwelling ankle hunting is, first of all, enrich the environment for your bush dweller.

Make sure they do have places to go underneath with little covers on top of it so they can hunt. But then when it comes to you being proactive and not reactive, it is breaking out that toy every single day, varying the toys, giving variety, because that is the spice of a cat’s life is having different things to kill every day. But make sure that you are catering to ground prey. Get that engine cranking and get them moving. Hunt and catch and kill and eat and groom and sleep.

Make sure you have rituals, and keep it at that for a couple of weeks, and you tell me if your cat’s attacking behavior has gone down. Hey, listen folks. If you want to find me social media wise, look at this. You can find me just about anywhere, but more importantly, we can find each other. I want to know what you do with your bushdwelling ankle attacker, OK All you got to do is tell me by hashtagging TeamCatMojo, hey, Jackson, this is what I do to drain that hunter energy out.

Of my cat. You tell me, you’re telling hundreds of thousands of other people, and we will all be better off for it. We will keep more cat in homes, and that’s what we do here at Team Cat Mojo. All right, that’s it from me this week. Folks, one more thing. In the name of loving all animals, not just cats, right because I know you love animals the folks at Animalist are featuring sloths this week. Yes, adorable, amazing little creatures. Just go to slothweek. Learn everything that you need to know about the sloth.

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