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My Cats Peeing Everywhere All Sudden

All right, it’s that time. Let’s put on our 1940sstyle fedora, put in that press card right on the band right there, get out our big, old stogies, munch down on it. Lefty, you’ve got to give me the story.

I’ve got kids to feed here. It is time for cat journalism part II, your questions, your answers. Let’s get to it. Catify the world! MUSIC PLAYING.

Last time around, we were talking about cat journalism. We were talking about the concept of going deep inside of a problem but at the same time keeping some subjectivity, stepping away at the same time exploring it.

That’s what a journalist does. They say, just the facts, mam. And in gathering the facts, they uncover the story. And that’s what we’re going to do. The first one is from Kitty B. I have had my cat Izzy for eight years.

A couple days ago, he peed in the laundry basket. That was pretty random. We do spoil him a lot. And I noticed he did this when we ran out of his favorite food. I wonder if he was trying to send us a message.

Here’s what i like about that. What I like is you said, I noticed, meaning that you were present in that moment. Now, you did hint that it was spiteful that it was a vengeful pee. In my experience, that’s not something that happens.

Take apart that day. Why was that day different from other days? Eight years he never peed in the laundry basket. How many times in those eight years did you run out of his favorite cat food? Was there fighting going on in the house?.

Had you gone on a trip? Were you going on a trip? Were suitcases out? Was his carrier out? Did he know he was going to the vet? What raised that level of anxiety?.

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