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How To Create a Metallic Finish on Furniture Metallic Furniture Faux Finish Country Chic Paint

Hi there, it’s rosanne here from country chic paint.You may have seen some fantastic project done with our metallic creams but did you know that they can be used for more than just accents if you’re ready to go bold with your next project, why not add some sparkle to the whole piece in this tutorial i’m going to give this headboard a glamorous new look so stay tuned to see how it turns out! a few days ago i prepped this headboard and painted it with one coat of rocky mountain in our allinone decor paint.

My next step will be to put some of our trigger metallic cream on this paper plate.I’ll be using this sponge to apply the metallic cream which will create the smoothest finish.Having it on this plate makes it easier getting the product on the sponge.The metallic cream dries rather quickly so on flat surfaces you want to apply it in long, even strokes for the smoothest look.Around the spindles of the headboard i’ll be pushing the sponge into the grooves to make sure i’m getting the metallic cream everywhere.I’m going to let this coat dry for about.

An hour or two before going on to the next step.Now that the trigger metallic cream is completely dry i am going to be using this large, shorthandle paint brush to apply silver bullet metallic cream on this piece again, i’ll put some of the metallic cream on a plate, then i’ll apply it to my piece without worrying about covering every single inch next i’m going to take this lintfree rag to wipe away the silver bullet metallic cream so that i’m just leaving a wash behind i’m simply trying to give the trigger metallic cream finish more depth by.

Adding a second color this is just one of many techniques you can use with the metallic creams.I’d love to encourage you to play around with our four different metallics and combine them together in layers to create unique finishes.They are very versatile products and will definitely give your piece that one of a kind look.To find out more about our products and where you can buy them click the website link on your screen now or in the description below this tutorial.If you liked this tutorial please leave us a comment.

How to Use Carnauba Wax on Furniture

Hi everyone this is dwayne from real milk paint and today i want to talk to you about clear carnauba wax.Clear canauba wax is made with of course, carnauba wax and bees wax and actually saw a little bit of paraffin wax.And it has a solvent in there which is turpentine.Carnauba wax by itself is too hard to use on its own.So it needs to be softened up a little with other waxes.So that’s why the other waxes are added to this.But this has a high degree of carnauba wax.

Carnauba wax being a really hard wax gives you a nice shine when you polish it up.We’re going to pop this open and show you what it does.To this piece of furniture, this desk.We’re going to show you in a minute what it does to a painted piece of furniture as well.When you look inside clear carnauba wax you’re going to see that its a creamy paste.And that’s what we want to see.One of my favorite applicators is just an old sock.The interior of and old sock works really well.

Let’s give it a shot on this drawer here and see what happens.You can see immediately the color shift.You can see the nice color that it revives and gives that piece of wood.This is a mahogany desk about 1780 somewhere in there.The key to the wax is its almost like waxing your car.You have to put the wax on.Let it sit for a while to flash off then you come back and buff it.You’ll have enough time for that.This is a stool from another tutorial where we painted rusty metal with milk paint.

Well you can use the wax over this too.This has not been waxed nothing has been done to it.It’s a light sealer its not really a good permanent finish.It will give this some protection.But not permanent protection against leaving it outside.Or for really strong wear and tear.But it will give you a little bit of protection.You won’t be able to see much effect on this at all.Because the milk paint being so porous.It changed the color a bit because its soaking through the paint.But its not going to get real shiny like with a finished surface.

Milk paint is too porous to give us a shininess but it will seal it.And it will darken it up.It will darken all the paints just about a little bit.See how that’s darkening up there if you look at my rag here you can see there is no paint coming off.This stool has sat for three or four weeks and the milk paint has gotten really hard on here.We can buff this but not a lot is going to change as far as getting more sheen out of it.

You can almost just wax it and let it dry.Let’s take a look now at the front of it.It’s flashed off enough now that we can polish it.You can see that really nice sheen it has now.Once we actually polish the whole desk with the carnauba wax it will really bring the color out.I’ll just give you a really quick demonstration and show you what that’s gonna look like.You can see it bringing the color back.Fills in the scratches and just heals the surface.

So its just a really nice thing to use to revive your furniture.Give it a little protection and give it a little maintenance.The other great thing this wax this wax is good for is waxing inside your drawer.Put a little wax inside and it will help the wooden drawers slide in and out as a lubricant, it’s perfect for maintaining and keeping your drawers well.I want to thank you for coming by today with real milk paint.Stop by our website at realmilkpaint visit our 200 retailers and pick up some nice paint products.

STOP Scratchingjumping On Furniturecounter Tops TUTORIAL

Stop scratchingjumping on furniturecounter tops tutorial,In this tutorial youll learn how to stop your cat from scratchingjumping on furniturecounter tops but more importantly youll learn that you first need to. How to stencil on furniture diy tutorial thrift diving,Thriftdiving one of the least expensive ways to make over furniture is with paint and stencils in this tutorial see how i took this 30 thrifted table. Karl pilkington on furniture,Hope you enjoy this as much as i do this is not my video.

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DIY How To Spray Paint Fabric On Furniture

Diy how to spray paint fabric on furniture,I bought a second hand chair for 15 usd was dirty and no color what so ever first i cleaned it send the legs and painted silver then i spray painted the fabric. Avatariaspending 5000 gold on furniture avatariatyga,Avatariaspending 5000 gold on furniture avatariatyga in this episode i am placing stuff from my invrntory and editing rooms in avataria for which i spent. How to install drawer slides on furniture,Subscribe to my channel s1ugazc the easiest way to install drawer slides in furniture sorry im a little bit of a drawer slide nerd please dont.

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Kindel Furniture As Art

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