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Remove Cat Urine Smell Crawl Space

Spraying urine is one waycats mark their territory. But it can also be a reactionto a stressful situation, and become a problemif it happens inside your home. First, visit your vetto check there are no underlying health reasonsfor this change in behaviour, like a urinary tract infection. If not, then considerany changes to your home, especially in litterbox useor location.

Has there been a recent addition,such as a new pet or baby? Or has your routine altered? All cats are creatures of habit, and even a slight variationcan cause them anxiety. Using Feliway Classicwith its comforting pheromone can help reduce the stressand prevent unwanted spraying. Clean any spray markingsas soon as possible. When the area is dry, useFeliway Classic Spray once a day

until your catstops marking the spot. Never spray your cat,and wait for 15 minutes before allowing itnear the sprayed area. If your cat is sprayingseveral areas in your home, plug a Feliway Diffuserin the room it frequents the most to help reinforce feelingsof calm and reassurance, so you can be happy together..

EverDry Grand Rapids Protect Your home and Health with a Dry House

We cannot underscore the importance ofwaterproofing certain rooms in our home, and that’s why we want to check in withEverDry and Rob. Ok so what are the different types of waterproofing where youhelp West Michigan residents? Well there’s several different methods. What we provide are full service. We come in, wedo the walls, the floor, the entire foundation, and we also address the air qualityin the home as well. Yeah because that becomes tainted sometimes too. Absolutely. Yeah. So are we talking basements or are we talking other areas of the home? We dobasements, crawl spaces, some slab foundations, anywhere that you have afoundation. A hundredpercent of your home

rests on its foundation. You want to keepit in good sound structure. It takes a lot of wear and tear, doesn’t it? Yes it sure does. Yeah. We’re looking at some pictures right now of some problems that you found when going onsite. Ok. What you’re looking at is you know most common signs are where the floorand wall meet, you’ll have some moisture come in. You might get a musty smell. That’s asign there is mold in the foundation from water standing in and around it. And that’s trouble. Absolutely. Not only you know twenty five years ago when we began, our objective was to take the water outof the basement. It’s so much more today.

It’s actually health, structure of your home,and replacement of your property, and also heat loss through cracks in yourfoundation. Yeah. You mentioned twenty five years. You have been helping homeowners withthese types of problems for quite some time now. Yes. My brother and I actually started asentrylevel installers back in ninety one, worked our way up, and actually now we own the company. We started, we took over as owner in 2001, and we’ve grown from twelve to thirtysix counties throughout Michigan, and yeah this is our 25th anniversary, and life is good, and we’ve helped manyhomeowners over the years. I have to ask you Rob,

what makes EverDry different from other businesses that do the same thing, waterproofing? Well a lot ofcompanies actually go in, and their objective is to get the water out. We come inand let you know why we need to get the water out. It’s for health. It’s for structure. It’s for replacement of your property. Yeah.Protecting all those things that you treasure. Yes. Yes and you know over time it weakens the foundation, but I mean it canget to a point where it’s cracking or bowing, but the worst thing is whenwater enters your foundation, it’s already

contaminated so you want to look out forhealth concerns. If you have any allergies, the mold, the musty smells, breathing thatcontaminated air can really put a hindrance on your family’s health. Ok so Ihave to ask a question that I think some viewers might be thinking about rightnow. When is the right time to call in a professional? Whenever you notice like I say a musty odor. If you’re seeing signs of moisture. Signs can be white powder, dark spots on thewall, cracks, the musty smells, actual mold, dry rot in your floor joists. I meanthere’s so many different things.

Why not get a free inspection if you’renoticing any of those before it becomes a really big problem. So you’ll be down here all weekend at the remodeling a new home show. Like many you’re doing a special for people whowant to come and talk to you and maybe think about getting some of thoseproblems fixed. Yes. Absolutely. What we find is in the Spring everybody has insight in mind so they want to get it done. We want to let people know we do this year round. This time of year is really the best because you’re not waiting for everybody to get it done, and we do havea special for everybody that schedules an appointment at the show or mentions Eight West we’re going to give $1,000 off our

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