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Stop Cat Peeing In Flower Pots

Hi, John here with Paradise Palm in Salt Lake City, Utah on behalf of Expert Village. Many many people have mentioned to us that they have cats particularly and they have house plants and they want to buy a plant that which the plant or the cat will not mess with in terms of the soil or actually relieve themselves in the soil of the plant. Pretty common problem. One thing we recommend to people is top dress your plant. Not only does it look better, such as this European fin palm top dressing it with moss. Keep the cat.

From maybe getting or digging into the soil and you think well maybe my cat’s far more smart than that. They’re going to pull the moss out or just go right on top of that. A good way to get them from getting into the soil is use, we use moss staples or floral staples. You can use paper clips turned into a staple by being bent and simply place them into the moss and staple it down into the soil. Do this all the way around and if you feel like you need to, if your cat’s pretty smart, do as many as you feel is necessary.

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