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Stop Cat Spraying Inside

Cat Health Care Tips How to Stop a Male Cat From Spraying

Let’s talk about how to prevent your male cat from spraying. This can be actually quite challenging, and the first thing you have to do is figure out what is going on, and get a diagnosis from a veterinarian. The spraying can be generally one of two things. A; a cat that’s a male that is spraying, we’ve got to know; first off, is it a neutered cat? If it’s not neutered, that’s the first thing to do. Number two is a urinalysis needs to be performed to figure out is there an infection or inflammation occurring that’s causing him to feel like he needs to urinate outside of the box. For instance, cat’s are pretty smart, and what they’ll do sometimes is if if their urine or urination hurts them in a litter.

Box, they think the litter’s doing it, so they will go outside of the box and spray; versus, if the urine does not contain an infection or anything like that, it’s probably behavioral. So, working with your veterinarian, you have to figure out what that problem is. If it’s behavior, is it another cat in the environment? Is it not enough litter boxes? Not the right litter? Not a hood on the litterbox? And so there is lots of information that your veterinarian can provide for you to help you figure out what that problem is and how to treat. Now, some cats, some male cats that are behaviorally spraying and behaviorally urinating outside the litter box can be psychological, and there are actually synthetic hormones; pheromones.

Actually, that are used to spray an environment that can calm these male cats down. That can work quite well. Sometimes we rely on antidepressive medication, such as Prozac, Elavil, things like that to help these cats kind of calm down and forget why they’re spraying, and after a while most of these guys do very, very well, and you can stop the medications.

How to Stop Car Windows from Steaming Up

Hey guys Chris fix here and today I’m going to show you how to prevent your windows from fogging up. Sure you could use products from the store to keep your windows from fogging up but did you know you could find products around your house that will do the same thing In this tutorial were going to test potatoes, baby shampoo, hand sanitiser and shaving cream against the store bought antifogging treatment so lets first go over why windows get all foggy. Fog happens because theres a temperature change and because theres humidity.

Right now its cold outside, my body heat is warm, and my breath is warm and its humid. and thats what creates fog in the winter time. In the summer time it’s kind of the opposite, it’s warm outside. but you turn your AC on on the inside, so it’s cool on the inside and any of the moisture inside the car. is going to turn into fog on your windshield. To get the glass foggy I have a hot pot of water. as you can see the glass fogs up completely. and this is our control test, so that you know the glass will fog up.

Now I can go and clean off the glass. and we will section off the window in 5 parts to test each defogger. Now with the window sectioned into 5 parts. let’s apply the products. The first product we’re going to try is the Rain.X Anti Fog. the directions say just to put some on a towel. and just rub it right on the glass. Make sure you cover all of the glass.

And then take a dry spot on the paper towel and lightly wipe so it removes any streaking. So the top left square is the Rain.X. The next product we’re going to use is shaving cream. All you do with the shaving cream is get a little bit onto the glass. and then you work it in with a paper towel. I’m using a new paper towel so we don’t contaminate. Again make sure you cover all the glass. Now you buff off all of this until it’s clear.

And eventually it get’s clean, this definately takes a little more effort then using the Rain.X. Ok our shaving cream on the top here is done. We’ll move down to the bottom corner. On the bottom corner I’ll be using an old scuba driving trick that I use for my mask. If it keeps the mask from fogging up 60ft under water It should work on my truck so we’ll just apply that, again making sure we get it everywhere and then we’ll get a clean paper towel and just lightly go over the top.

So we remove any streaking so its nice and clear When your doing this you don’t want to remove the layer you’re putting on here you just want to make sure you can see through the glass and its clear Now lets test the potato So your probably thinking potato ? what the heck ? this is one of the urban legends as a scuba diver, you’re suppose to be able to split a potato And then just take the end here And you rub it on the glass.

Make sure that you cover all of the glass The Liquid from the potato is actually pretty clear, Maybe this will actually work To be honest with you i’ve never actually tried it Get a clean paper towel and we’ll just lightly buff off any off the streaks And thats streak free and looks good And then the last one is going to be the hand sanitiser just get a little bit and put it right on there and then we’ll rub it right in.

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