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Stop Cats From Peeing In Flower Bed

The neighborhood cat is using my flowerbeds as a litter box. Are there mulches or plants that will keep them out So what do you’ll think about that one The neighborhood cat is just hanging out. It’s the neighborhood cat. it’s the neighborhood cat, oh boy. So are there any mulches or anything we could put down Rock, pebbles, yeah, that would stop it. But you can plant a total cover of plants and then there’s not exposed soil, just add enough plants so there’s not an open area for them to dig.

Chicken wire, I would be, something I would not use very much cause it’s so ugly. And then you’ve got to deal with it if you’ve got weeds. Right, right. Would red pepper flakes work I’d heard that that’s. Dr. Kelly I think that’s temporary. Laurie Every time it rains, you’d probably have to. Yeah, it’s sort of a temporary thing. And there are repellents. There’s some repellents out there. There are repellents for dogs, cats, and all those things, but it’s the same thing.

As soon as it rains or whatever they’re gone and you’ve got to reapply. It’s sort of a territorial thing as well, so what you can do, and I know this is probably not a very fun thing to do, but you can dig out all the little things they leave behind and try to take some of that soil because the scent is what brings them back again and again so if you get rid of all of that, then that’s going to make it less likely to come back.

QA How to Keep the Cat From Peeing In a Flower Bed

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