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Stop Cats From Spraying Door

The Best and Worst Ways to Train Your Cat

Dear people of Team Cat Mojo. This is a publicservice announcement. My name is squirt,squirt bottle. You may use me to remain stains. You may use me towater your garden. What you should notuse me for, and what has upset many of my brethren,is to punish your animals.

Welcome to the Cat Cave. Alright, it’s time we talkedabout squirt gun diplomacy. If I can’t use this, howdo I discipline my cat? No such thing asdisciplining your cat. I’m sorry to say folks,they have no idea what you’re talking about whenyou use this voice on them. Squirt guns do not work.

They do not work. Now let’s use an example. Let’s say your catis counter surfing. Counter surfing of coursemeans that they’re just walking across thecounters, and it’s something thatdrives you insane. And you would much ratherthat your cats aren’t counter surfing.

If you wanted your catto stop counter surfing, then every single time,247, that they jump up on the counter if youwanted to be hanging out with Mr. squirtbottle, and you wanted make sure that they got offthe counter, when then you’ve got to camp out there,all day, every day. Then when you’re notaround, I promise you your cat is counter surfing.

I promise that you haven’ttaught them a thing. All they know is thatwhen you’re around, they shouldn’t do something. And when you’re notaround, they will. So you have succeededin diminishing the bond between youand your cat completely. They are afraid of you, notafraid of the experience of getting wet when theyjump up on the counter.

So it’s something that I findreally, really important, because it followsthat line of thinking. Can cats be disciplined? No, of course they cannot. What let’s saythat we were using an aircompressed canister andan electric eye, that tool. Put down, cat jumps up,squirt squirt, OK, with air. And they’re gone.

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