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Stop Male Cats Peeing Everywhere

Why Does My Cat Pee Outside The Litter Box

All right folks, i’ve been hassled about this forever.We’re going to talk about litter boxes.As cats are all little individual snowflakes, they all come from the same place, from that big cat cloud, right and like any other cloud, a little bit of pee must fall, or dingleberries, or let’s get catified.All right, folks, we’re going to break this down in a very fast fashion because there’s a lot of information to cover in a very short amount of time.Now here’s the first thing.If your cat is peeing or pooping outside the box, number one,.

Go to the vet.Rule things out.Get a urinalysis done.Get a full blood panel done.Make sure that your cat’s not acting out from a very simple physical place.You got to know.I’ve had cases in the past where a cat has actually been acting out this was in the shelter environment.The cat was within a day of being euthanized because of this behavior problem.And a friend of mine who’s a fantastic vet had the presence of mind to check the cat’s mouth.And sure enough, that cat had an abscessed tooth.

And that’s why the cat was acting out, not using a litter box.And that abscessed tooth almost cost that cat her life.So let’s think about this.Again, rule number one, go to the vet.Now here’s the next really important chunk.You have to know the tools of the trade here.You’ve got to know what you’re going to need in order to solve the problem.You know i’ve talked to you about this before.It’s the power of journaling.This helps you in a number of different ways.

You step away from the pee.You step away from the poop.It’s not all about you and it’s not all about the fact that you’re angry because your cat peed.You’re looking for the whats, the wheres, the hows, the whens, the whys.Now if this wasn’t happening a week ago and now it’s starting to happen regularly, what changed in my home all about observation, not interpretation.Also use blue tape.Now i’ve talked about this as well.You have paper tape that painter’s use and every time your cat pees, you.

Put an x down on the ground.The anti treasure map is what i call this guy, right you’re going to look at that after a week of cleaning up and put that x down, you’ll know exactly what’s going on.The thing that you called random, not so random anymore.You know that there’s a pattern.Also a black light, really important.If you want to discover what’s going on in your house, i’m telling you, take a deep breath.It’s not something you’re going to like but it will give you the tools.

Clean it up.Put your anti treasure map x marks the spot down there and you are going to have a glimpse into what’s making your cat insecure.I believe that almost all litter box problems come down to two things.It’s either a physical problem or it revolves around territorial insecurity slash anxiety.Really important.You got to know the difference between peeing and marking, spraying.Is your cat backing up to a wall and spraying that wall, spraying the vertical world there, the walls and then it comes down and drips onto the ground.

If they’re squatting on the floor, it’s probably something a little different although it still can be a very insecure statement on their part.But take a look at where your cat is marking.Now a lot of times marking is going to happen by the front door, by the back door, under the windows.I call that perimeter marking.Now you’ve got to take a look at what is causing your cat to go, there are barbarians at the gate.We have got to keep the alamo safe here.It’s the alamo effect, right.

What’s going on outside that window chances are, you’ve got cats in your neighborhood.What can you do about cats outside your house we’ll get into that in later episodes.Right now, this is all about diagnosing, not just quick fixes.We’ve got another one that i see a lot of.If your cat’s going right outside the litter box, in my experience anyway, here’s what’s going on.Your cat wants to go in that litter box.They are they know that this is the place i’m supposed to go.But they can’t do it.

Why is that because something i believe, almost always, when it’s right outside that box, they’re telling us something.Now, could it be territorial insecurity are they marking right outside that box to send a message to somebody else in the home possibly.But here’s the great thing, if you’re doing your journaling, if you’re doing your cat detective work, you’ll know, is this a one off thing, that they’re going in this one spot right outside the litter box or are they creating a semicircle around that box to protect that box.

From what from a dog, from a kid.A lot of this is rational thinking after the fact.And if you notice, there’s no room in here for emotional reactions.That’s what causes cats to lose their homes.You think i’m kidding here but i’ve been working in this business for 20 years.I have accepted more cats into my shelter because they peed on the floor, they peed on the pool table, they were pooping in a bed.And we had no idea why they were doing it and emotionally we could not handle that.

And that’s what cost these cats their homes and a lot of times their lives.Please step back.Start looking at things like a detective, like a journalist.You’re going to get where you need to go.All right, folks, until next time, don’t forget you can find me on twitter and instagram and facebook and google plus and youtube, all these fun places.Watch the animalist network.There’s all kinds of fun stuff happening on animalist.And catch me soon, we’ll be doing another live google hangout.Lots more fun stuff, giveaways aplenty are all coming.

How to stop cats forever The extreme party popper by Craig Turner

I like to think i’ve had some pretty good ideas in my time, like forget drive through coffee shops, i invented drive by coffee.Skinny latte! and whatever spork.I beat the hell out of that when i created the cutting spoon.But the one idea i had that was probably most successful was my water spray cat deterrent, which quite successfully rid my yard of urine spraying cats.Well, at least i thought that was the case for a while.So there i was, working away on a new non cat related project for a youtube tutorial.

And then i noticed an all to familiar sight.And smell.Yep.Cat piss! yeah, like before, it’s in all the usual places around the outside of my house..Even in my house.So while my really super awesome cat get awayer thing worked well for months there, it’s not really practical to leave on all the time.But even once it was packed up the cats stayed away, probably because it was burnt into their memory like if you ever have walked.In on your parents.Mum, where’s my aladdin dvd.

There were a lot of good alternative ideas suggested by you all but no.I am not going to replace the hose with a gun for obvious reasons.And for the minority of people out their who said err that’s urine from a dog, did you not understand my surveillance footage it’s not a dog because one there is a big fence, and two this is a cat.Even if they are upside down i can still tell because i have this ability to see.So there are still a couple of cats returning to my yard, so i figured i needed to.

Revisit this whole cat deterrent concept.What i need to do is increase the fear element of the device, so it’s etched so deeply into their memory they never return.In researching pest control measures, i discover that some farmers and even airports have been known to use pyrotechnics to scare birds and other pests away.No, i’m not going to use explosives.Although that is a good idea, but you can’t easily buy anything fun like that in western australia.Here you’re not even allowed to use a toaster unless you are a licensed electrician.

While looking through a draw i found something which prompted an idea.In keeping things humane and hopefully more effective here’s what you need to do.Start off by purchasing yourself some party poppers.You’ll also need an old pedestal fan.If you have a neighbour that has a bore for their garden reticulation, you’ll need to borrow their systems 240 volt relay.Find a power board.Grab a small plastic box that the relay will fit in.I found one in my houses meter box which was doing something electricity related.

Now cut the cord on your power board.Don’t cut a live one! use your tongue or a fork to check that its safe.Do not actually attempt this! wire the power board to run through your relay.You can find detailed wiring instructions on my hand.Now mount the relay in the box.Now you basically have a power board that can be switched on with.Say a battery.Or battery and motion sensor.Aaaah, you get it.Take the fan, dismantle and remove the front and back finger guards.

Then load that sucker up with as many party poppers you can fit.Daisy chain all of their strings together.I have then placed a steel disc in the middle for some extra rotating mass.You can then tie your string onto the drive shaft of the fan.Once your power board is connected to you alarm motion sensor you have yourself a motion activated explosive wheel of terror.So what do you think pretty scary, ha no! it’s lame and the string keeps breaking! so we need to make an extreme party popper of some kind.Here is how we do it!.

First, grab yourself a tyre valve from a bike or stroller, and a 1 inch thready thing like this from you kitchen drawer in mystical muffler forest i managed to find some really big tube and steel plate.70 000410,140 gt 000414,260 take some measurements, then type 5318008 into a calculator, turn it upside down and it should say boobies.Hehe boobies.Next we cut ourselves some circles from the steal plate.Then cut another 25mm hole.Weld the end plate circles on.Braze your 25mm thready thing and your stroller valve on.

Next, make a return visit to your neighbours bore, this time borrow their reticulation solenoid.In my shed i found my old colonic irrigation kit, which had a lot of useful parts including a pressure gauge.Drill and tap a hole for it in the top to screw it in.Yeah you would tap that.Grind it all clean and paint.Lastly get yourself some pvc pipe, blah blah blah.This tutorial is too long.Cut, glue and make this thing.The next day when everything is nice and dry you can put it all together.

Screw the solenoid back on.And then screw the tank assembly onto your pvc.It’s quite an ominous looking tank at this stage, so find a way to friendly it up a little.Hello, i’m thomas.Now we need to load our extreme party popper.If you have ever looked inside one, they have a bunch of rolled up streamers.I have loaded the cartridges with screwed up newspaper to serve as wadding, then placed in the streamers while doing this, i thought why not add some flour and pile of newspaper confetti.

So how is this all going to work using an air compressor we load thomas with a big chunk of air through the stroller tube valve.He will then serve as an accumulator tank waiting for the sprinkler valve to be activated.Once activated the air will release through the valve with some fairly explosive force out through our pvc party popper cartridges, releasing fun and fear to all that are near.Now, you already know my previous tutorials hose spray setup and how it was triggered.Except this time i have two cameras firing lots of frames, plus a night vision camera.

The low voltage activated switch from our earlier failed party popper fan we can use to activate some more potent lighting.I’ve also added a little more infrared lighting to make sure we capture sneaky cats.We’re ready to go, but like always you want to test your setup.So hide the cameras and cover your extreme party popper with a sheet.Who’s my favourite sister how’re you going cool.You still coming round for a swim it seems to work pretty well.The water spray gives that good initial scare and the air exploding around the target.

Accompanied with a earth shattering boom appears to really bring home the fear element.I especially like the point where she gets a little airborne too.So this rig should leave your target second guessing the prospect of ever returning to your house or.Even continuing any form of sibling relationship with you in the future.Now unroll your test subject from their fear induced fetal position, clear and reset the rig ready for the night and a visit from your favourite urine packing kittehz.Its night number 1 let’s check out our surveillance footage and see how we went.

Here he is, my old friend tabby toilet rug.Oh, he looks over and recognises that something is a little different what’s all dis den 129 000718,560gt 000720,860 and then, he retreats.Nar, cats aren’t that smart.All he is thinking is der der der deh.Runnin.Wees and runs right back in..Right in the face please! that’s always a good way to clean under those eye lids.And boom.The drone shakes the windows of the house, and that cat is out of there.Despite the cool, calm and collected expression on his face.

The water blast has seen him swell to 3 times his original size and no, he’s not sitting, he’s levitating.And no he isn’t sitting he is levitating.At this point he thinks he’s all clear, but a few hundredths of a second later kaboom! with claws firmly embedded into the concrete he gets the hell out of there leaving us with the old cat brown eye.Actually.Hang on a minute, in this next frame has he.Has he got cat wood see this cat repellent isn’t a cruel, it apparently turns them on.

We are all reset for night number two.Which cat is this he looks like fatty fatty two by four from my last tutorial, but he has black paws.It looks like we have a new player.Lets just call him fatty fatty black paw.Spreyed right in the face.And he leaves behind a massive trail of destruction.And looking at the photos, before the first frame even fires he has launched off the ground.Thomas the tank detonates and fatty fatty black paw has a moment of zero g.

That’s right fatty fatty black paw, i can has boom! then he returns to earth and kicks the back board and extreme party popper with all of his kitty power.And happy new year! a mushroom cloud of fun descends on the backyard, while hopefully his cat brain is registering that this is not a place to return to.As an added bonus while editing this tutorial i realised having two cameras allowed me to create a very rough 3d anaglyph image.Check it out with 3d glasses if you want a headache.

If you’re interested in researching how to create these for yourself, don’t accidentally mistype anaglyph like i did, as it turns out that analgif will yield a very different search result.Once again i reset the extreme party popper for night number 3.Aah, it looks like it is the early hours of the morning, and who has come to visit oh.This is kind of a bit awkward.Yep, the dove from my last tutorial has returned.Now, some of you asked why i didn’t name the dove like i named the cats.

I don’t know, what am i the animal naming guy! 160 000944,670 gt 000949,240 ok, ok.How about dovo von doveington and boom! dovo is vaporised into a fine avian mist.Not really.With some quick fighter pilot style evasive manoeuvres he was safely out of there.Man birds really know how to fly.So that was it.The cats didn’t come back.The extreme party popper seems to be a pretty good solution.Apart for the fact that it requires about 4 hours to reset each time.And that when it suddenly detonates in the middle of the night.

Everyone in the house and for a block radius would empty their bowels in bed, which generally proves to be a bigger clean up than just cat wee.But otherwise, it’s the ultimate solution to cat pee.Or you could just get a dog.Nar, they wee on everything too.But do remember it’s not the cats fault, don’t be cruel to them.If you’re going take it out on someone, take it out on the cat’s owner.No! naughty! no! no! no! no! no! no!.A huge thank you to you guys for being so patient with the release of this tutorial.

And for your support and comments.Join me again for my next tutorial in 2035, where i’ll be harassing cats with fire.Nar, no more cat content.Unless they come back.But there is a lot of very cool stuff already in the making.And i will be working towards releasing more frequent tutorials for you all.Maybe some simpler ones.And maybe some extremely complex ones.Jump on my facebook page for some behind the scenes info and pics.There is a link in the description box below, and don’t forget to subscribe.

How I FINALLY Stopped My Cats From Peeing And Pooping Everywhere

How i finally stopped my cats from peeing and pooping everywhere,I have 3 male cats and several years ago they started having accidents outside of their litter boxes its been 4 months with no accidents keep watching for the. Stop your cats spraying finally something that really works,If you are having problems with your cat peeing everywhere this tutorial is for you completely desperate i found a system to really works and even better it is. Update how i stopped my cats from peeing and pooping everywhere,Its been 20 months since i implemented changes that stopped my 3 cats from having accidents almost everyday in the house heres how things are going today.

Learn how to stop cat peeing everywhere my story,Download tinyurldownloadstopcatpeeingebook i download thinking outside the box after stumbling across stopcatpeeing on a forum online. Stop cat peeing everywhere,29cp2kc stop cat peeing everywhere i got chatting to a girl named laura one of our cat behaviour specialists at work who gave me a really weird. How to keep your cat from urinating where it shouldnt,Stop frequent urination of domesticated cats to maintain home sanitation and cleanliness get the best litter box here amznto1lskwew maintaining.

Why does my cat pee outside the litter box,There could be a few reasons why your cat has peed or pooped outside of the litter box and it is very important that you listen to your cat to solve the problem.

How to stop your cat from peeing outside litter box and in your house,Cat peeing and spraying everywhere in your home stop it todaycatsprayaid if youre cat is spraying and peeing in your home behind the litter. How to stop cat peeing on bed cat spraying no more 100 works,See herecatsprayingnomorehopsksharvee how to stop your cat peeing on bedfloorcarpet or all over the house see real life testimonials.

How To STOP Your Cat Peeing On Bed Cat Spraying No More Review

How to stop your cat peeing on bed cat spraying no more review,Here tinyurlhowtostopcatpeeing for more information on how to stop your cat peeing on bed how to stop cat peeing outside litter. Cat spraying how to stop a cat from spraying,Cat spraying tinyurlnomorecatspraying how to stop a cat from spraying i made this tutorial to say thank you to sarah whos incredible book finally. Why is my cat peeing everywhere,Stop cat spraying am i right lets get rid of the smell of cat pee and stopping cats from peeing on the carpet couch and the floor how to stop your cat peeing.

Stop cat peeing everywhere how to finally a solution,Learn right now on how to stop cat peeing everywhere at stopcatpeeingeverywhere finally a solution you read and watch it right there is a. How to stop cat peeing on sofa,Tinyurlpqbjkwx how to stop cat peeing on sofa cat urine odor removal tips there is no mistaking the heavy ammonia smell of cat urine whether. Simple to follow tips about cats that anyone can use stop cat from peeing everywhere,Click here 1lrlv84 simple to follow tips about cats that anyone can use cats are one of those animals that you will want to train indoors for most of.

A male cat has pollakiuria and dysuria,15 aug 2015 a 3yearold not neutered male cat has frequent urination and peeing difficulty after boarding for 35 days blood test showed low platelet count. Simple to follow tips about cats that anyone can use stop cat from peeing everywhere,Click here stopcat4peeing simple to follow tips about cats that anyone can use cats are one of those animals that you will want to train indoors for. Do female cat spray stop cat spraying,Stop cat spraying tinyurlstopcatspraying do female cat spray while male kitties have a bad reputation for spraying urine markings females do it.

Cat Using WC How To Stop Cat Peeing Everywhere

Cat using wc how to stop cat peeing everywhere,Get stop cat peeing ebook today productinvestigationproductstopcatpeeing 010 stop cat peeing how to stop cat peeing check our. Cat urinating everywhere stop the cat pee dvd about cats,Catresourcedirectory is your cat peeing everywhere check out his incredible system to stop your cat from urinating everywhere cat urinating. Cat urinating everywhere stop the cat pee dvd,Caturinatingeverywherecatpeedvd do you have a cat urine problem does your house smell like a litter box has your cat ruined an. Stop cats peeing everywhere this will stop your stress about cat urine,Stop cats peeing everywhere 21anj36 if you have to constantly clean up cat pee around your house it can drive you crazy it makes you wonder.

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