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Stop Stray Cat Spraying My House

when cats pee or spray it can be asmelly embarrassing mess that takes a great deal of time energy and money toclean up most people wonder do femalecats spray yes, they do this for several reasons but you can make her stop one of the reasons is marking theirterritory if you have introduced a new pet in yourhome territorial tendencies are likely to betriggered she may also start spraying if she islooking for a mate you’re female cats

spraying is a habit you can fix so thatyou and your cat can have a comfortable life some things that you can do to stop yourfemale cat spraying are to avoid stress and provide her with a quietsecluded place to sleep you can also prevent your cat fromspraying by getting her neutered if the cat is under a lot of stress she might continue spraying after beingfixed you should check with your vet to findout if the cat has any health problems

if you are sure that the cat is notunder any stress you should look for something that mayhave changed to cause her to start spraying if you have multiple cats you must foster a positive relationshipamong them so they won’t spray you should not confuse spraying andurinating because the two are very different urinating is a normal behavior thatshould not concern you unless it is outside of the litter box if you alreadyhave a cat that sprays make sure that

you clean the affected area properly toprevent remarking if you want to learn how to stop a female cat from spring andpeeing outside the litter box for good click the link below to find out how to stop a cat from spraying.

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