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Stop Unneutered Male Cat Spraying

wild animal noises All right, folks. Today we’re going to answer a very, very important question. A question that I get more often than I probably should at this point, which is, Jackson, should I spay or neuter my animal companion?.

Should you? Man, we are about to get catified up in here. Let’s go. JAZZY INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Let’s break it down to the questions that I get asked most often.

It’s not just, should i spay or neuter? The question usually revolves around marking behavior, cats who are just bound and determined to get outside. And when they do, bad things happen. You can’t stop a sexually mature cat from wanting to roam. For the males, they have a hormonal prime directive.

Which is to populate their territory. And for the females, they’ll be rolling around on the pavement. They’ll be leaving scent everywhere. How do I get my cat to stopping peeing all over the house? Most the time, I’ll tell them to take that blacklight of yours, go outside the house, and I bet you’ll.

Find evidence of neighborhood cats, feral cats that are also marking against your house. So it’s a pretty normal reaction on your cat’s part to say, hey, hey. I draw the battle lines right here. This is my place, and I’ll pee on this wall.

While you’re peeing on the opposite side. The problem is you’ve got a hormonal war on your hands. And the only way to deal with that is spaying or neutering. I can’t fix the behavior unless we fix the animal. That’s the bottom line. A lot of folks say to me, well, I’ve.

Heard that if i spay my cat or if i neuter my cat, they tend to get really fat. No, no. That’s not a cause and effect. What tends to happen is that they spend all this time that they were outside roaming inside the house.

You don’t occupy their time by playing with them, and instead they are now eating way too much and not doing anything. And that’s why they get fat. So as long as you pick up the slack in terms of giving them activities, then.

Dog Training How to Stop Your Dog From Marking Indoors

To teach your dog not to mark indoors it is again a good idea to understand why dogs mark, they mark to determine territory. So if it’s a possibility to neuter your dog at an age before they begin to mark, that’s not a bad idea. If your dog is already marking, this is a reinforcing, selfreinforcing behavior. So it can be difficult to teach your dog to stop doing it. If you are able to catch them you can redirect them, you can watch for them to do some sniffing behaviors, the things that proceed them lifting their leg to mark.

Then you can also there are some great tools you have at your disposal, one of them is a belly band. It’s just a piece of fabric that is sometimes gathered, sometimes not, has a place for you to place a regular sanitary pad that’s disposable, and then Lady, come here. You just place this around your male dog’s midsection, and Velcro it on, capturing the penis within the fabric and over the sanitary pad. So that now if your dog does choose to mark it’s going to be confined to that pad which can then be thrown away. Remembering.

To check and change this on a regular basis, so that urine can be very caustic so that there’s no burning of the penis or irritation from the fabric. You also can place things on areas that your dog chooses to mark. Sometimes placing aluminum foil or something around a leg, a fabric leg of a chair where they where a dog typically marks will cause the urine to splash back on, and which isn’t the dog’s intent, and that will sometimes help stop them marking inside as well.

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