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Young Male Cat Peeing On Bed

For Complex News, I’m Sean Evans with hopefully the last of these Meek MillDrake storiesfor a while, at least. By now, everyone knows that Meek Mill fired back at Drake last night with a diss track called Wanna Know. By most accounts, the track fell flat.bricked.crickets. But, if there’s a line that has legs, it’s the one about Drake getting peed on in a movie theater. The obvious questions here are who peed on Drake, and why Well on Tuesday morning, Julia Beverly of Ozone Magazine offered up an explanation for both, citing sources.

Who said that Drake caught some splash when T.I.’s piss drunk uncle urinated in an aisle during a special premiere screening of Takers. Don’t worryno one really remembers that movie either. She went on to provide a detailed look at the alleged wizzer’s criminal history, which includes a 1998 charge for felony murder, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm. He’s currently serving a life sentence in a Georgia prison. What would you do Beverly asked. Well quite frankly, this guy’s rap sheet is the least scary thing about him. If you’re.

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